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FAKE Jackie: Quick Response

Yet another "fake" campaign, now apparently from Jacqui:

  From: Jacqui Ramagge <>
  Subject: Quick Response

  Hello, are you available??--
  Professor Jacqui Ramagge

Please just delete the message, and/or read below for possible action.

Cheers, Paul  (9 Dec 2019)


After the previous "spam campaign" that was apparently from Kristin,
we now have a similar one impersonating Geordie Williamson, email
messages similar to:

  From:    Geordie Williamson
  Subject: Urgent Request

  Are you available right now ?

Please just delete the message, and/or read below for possible action.

Cheers, Paul  (12 Nov 2019)


Several people in the School have received an email message similar to:

  From:    Kristin Anderson <>
  Subject: Hello

  Are you available now?

That message is NOT from our Kristin. The message itself is harmless;
harm could only come from engaging in conversation with the fake
Kristin, and giving her private info or otherwise acting on her word.

If you received a message similar to above, then simply delete and
ignore; if you already replied, then cut off any further communication
(and undo harm already done).

If you are annoyed, then report the incident to ICT cyber-security:
    Reporting security incidents
    If you need to report a security incident, call the University
    Service Desk on 02 9351 2000 (select 2 for ICT) or email

Unfortunately, the Uni spam defenses are hopeless/bad, all you get is
"instructions" on how you can detect spam/scam, putting the onus and
blame back on the victim.

Cheers, Paul  (28 Oct 2019)

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