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Sad news: ICT HelpDesk to be no more

Update 29 May 2019
Seems ICT is changing in other ways also, see e.g.

Cloud First Data Centre (Project Leto)


The ICT HelpDesk is to be no more.

Under the SOM "Customer Service Improvement Project", the various
HelpDesks (ICT, HR, CIS, ??, call centers) are to be amalgamated into
one. Most current ICT HelpDesk personnel have been handed redundancy
notices: all that corporate knowledge and experience is about to walk
out the door.

Next time you call, you are unlikely to get to talk to an IT person, and
if you do it will not be an experienced one: unlikely your question
could be answered or your problem solved. (Same if you call about HR etc,
you will not get a specialist.)

RIP ICT HelpDesk!


Comments from a (now ex-) HelpDesk person:

  We don’t think the new Service Centre structure will work. It was
  envisaged as a ’Customer Service Improvement’ project, but between the
  drawing board and now, it became the ’Save Operations $$$" project.
  Instead of delivering simpler processes, easier automated interfaces,
  and accessible knowledge, it’s delivering staffing cuts (and the ICT
  Service Desk is already not keeping up with workload) and confusing
  position descriptions:
   - a Team Leader responsible for training and performance managing a
     mixed group of HR, CIS and Finance staff
   - Knowledge Specialist who is accountable for Knowledge and Forms but
     without a budget to create or modify any
   - ICT service desk staff who may take your HR calls up to 10% of the
     time - and vice versa
  It’s "managerialism" at it’s worst. The University Executive has been
  telling us all along that cutting our staff will put more money towards
  teaching staff and researchers. But we know that we’re saving valuable
  teaching staff and researcher time by knowing this chaotic environment
  well and helping people get the things done that they need to. And when
  we talk to teaching staff and researchers we hear that they’re having
  to do more and more administration work that takes their time away from
  their actual jobs.


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Cheers, Paul

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