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Calendar1: 16 Oct 2014 1300-1400
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SUMS: Gruenewald -- An overview of magic squares

This week’s SUMS talk is being given by USyd alum David Gruenewald.  

Abstract: In this talk I will define what a nxn magic square is (n>0 an integer) and
provide methods of producing one.  It turns out to be simplest to produce an nxn magic
square when n is odd.  Next easiest are n=4k and then n=4k+2.  I provide methods for all
the cases.  Time permitting I’ll show you some other cool things about magic squares and
a "mathematical" construction of nxn magic squares (where n is odd) that involves latin
squares (to be defined; a solved sudoku puzzle is a special case of a latin square but
this talk will have nothing to do with sudokus!)

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