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A White Lotus

A White Lotus for you to Mark the Beginning of 2009.  

Lotus is one of the most exquisite creations of Mother Nature for mankind.  The
lingering fragrance of the lotus flowers holds the perfect potential of bringing a
tender smile on anybody’s lips.  As the lotus flower grows up from the heap of dirt and
sludge at the bottom of the reservoir into an object of great beauty, people also must
grow and change into things more beautiful, tender, fragrant and pure.The Lotus holds
the secret of happiness and cheerfulness and symbolizes the clarity of heart as well as
the mind - the struggle of life at its most basic form.  So...  the smile of this white
lotus holds, God’s blessings, Love, Peace, Strength, Long life as well as Honour and
Respect.  What more can I wish you at the threshold of a new year? 

I like to add that though the Lotus comes out of mud and sludge, it does not pick a
single grain of mud or sludge, when it faces the sun.  

People could too be like the Lotus making tender, fragrant and pure environment without
prejudice, irrespective of their backgrounds, if they want to be! Then the world will be
a wonderful place for all humans.  

Remember from the Buddhism: 

Beautiful flowers do fade, so does the human body.

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