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CalTitle1: Typist /Data Analyst Help Available

Typist /Data Analyst - Help Available

I am a well experienced Typist/Data Analyst with a good knowledge in 

English/Handling Surveys/Statistical Data and skills in MS word and Excel.  

I am available to do :- 

 Data Entry – Inputting Survey data etc.  

 Descriptive Data Analysis – Collation and presentation of data as Tables , Charts &
Graphs etc.  

 Mathematical and Satistical related typing and editing.  

 Copy typing of reports/documents from Hard copies/Scanned/MP3/CDs to online documents.  

 Editing of reports/documents for grammer, spelling, and English.  

 Formatting of online documents.  

Rates: Negotiable 

Please contact Rani: Tel.  9614 3078 Email:

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