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Request for subscription to Bhavana

Dear Colleagues,

This is to recommend Bhāvanā, a unique quarterly mathematics magazine ( You can subscribe individually either personally or from your project (Rs. 1000 per year from India and 40 US dollars from outside India) and get one of each of the quarterly issues for the year (4 issues per year). Institutional subscription is Rs. 2500 per year from India and 100 US dollars from outside India, and the institution will get 2 print copies of each of the 4 issues per year). You can also get back volumes at a reduced price.

Please have a look at for more information. The subscriptions could be for 1 year, 2 years or maximum three years at a time from India and one year at a time from abroad. This endeavour is by Bhavana Trust and it is one of a kind which will be useful to students as well senior mathematicians.

Please recommend it to your institution. It would be a valuable asset to your library. Please also recommend it to your colleagues at other institutions. Your subscription will support this endeavour of bringing out such an excellent publication as Bhavana which is beneficial to a larger community.

As I mentioned before, subscriptions from outside India are also possible (40 US dollars for individual and 100 US dollars for institutional subscription per year).

Please contact Aravinda Sastry (csaravinda at or Riddhi Shah (riddhi.kausti at for more information.

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