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UPDATE!!! No Job Cuts Rally - TODAY, Wednesday, 4th of April 2012

To those marching: could we meet on level 2 at 1pm for the rally. We have a modest banner and it would be great to have our band of opposition troops to walk with it, beside it and behind it.

NOTE: The rally is open to ALL students and ALL staff. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please be aware that there will be a rally and march to support the "No Job Cuts" campaign organised by the NTEU. This will be held on Wednesday the 4th of April 2012 at 1pm starting outside the Madsen building and finishing on the front lawns of the Main Quad.

This rally is open to all members of staff and all students.

We'd like to let you know that this is already affecting our School. It's not happening to people far away, it's happening to people that we know and care about.

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