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Calendar1: 3 Jun 2019 1005-1055
CalLoc1: Carslaw 535A
CalTitle1: Henry Segerman: Ray-marching and ray-tracing in hyperbolic space
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Geometric Structures Working Group: Segerman -- Ray-marching and ray-tracing in hyperbolic space

Title: Ray-marching and ray-tracing in hyperbolic space

Abstract: I’ll describe two visualization projects. The first project,
joint with Michael Woodard and Roice Nelson, implements a simulation
of three-dimensional hyperbolic space in WebVR, which is based on
Javascript and GLSL. This is derived from a previous virtual reality
experience with Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley and Sabetta Matsumoto, which
used traditional rasterizing for the graphics. Using ray-marching lets
us see much further into a tiling of the space. The second project,
joint with David Bachman and Saul Schleimer, uses ray-tracing through
ideal hyperbolic tetrahedra to generate approximations to
Cannon-Thurston maps.

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