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Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar

Toroidal Soap Bubbles

Emma Carberry

GTA Seminar -- Wednesday 27 August -- 11:0012:00 in Carslaw 535A

Toroidal Soap Bubbles: Constant Mean Curvature Tori in \(S^3\) and \(R^3\)

Emma Carberry (Sydney)


Constant mean curvature (CMC) tori in \(S^3\), \(R^3\) or \(H^3\) are in bijective correspondence with spectral curve data, consisting of a hyperelliptic curve, a line bundle on this curve and some additional data, which in particular determines the relevant space form. This point of view is particularly relevant for considering moduli-space questions, such as the prevalence of tori amongst CMC planes and whether tori can be deformed. I will address these questions for the spherical and Euclidean cases, using Whitham deformations.

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