Sydney University Algebra Seminar

    University of Sydney

    School of Mathematics and Statistics

    Algebra Seminar

    Shun-Jen Cheng
    National Taiwan University

    Howe duality for Lie superalgebras.

    Thursday 1st February, 12-1pm, Carslaw 275.

    Howe duality is a way to relate the representation theory of a pair of Lie groups/algebras. The purpose of this talk is to discuss various dualities involving Lie superalgebras. In particular, after briefly reviewing the classical GL_nx GL_m-duality, we will construct dualities involving:
    (i) a pair of the finite-dimensional general linear Lie superalgebra
    (ii) the general infinite-dimensional Lie superalgebra and the finite-dimensional general linear group.
    (iii) the infinite-dimensional orthosymplectic Lie superalgebra of B-type and the Pin group.

    Please note that this algebra seminar will be held on Thursday - not Friday.