School of Mathematics and Statistics
Algebra Seminar
The University of Sydney

University of Sydney Algebra Seminars in 2007

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16th Hechun Zhang The quantum cluster structure of quantum matrices
23rd Pramod Achar The geometry of special pieces
9th James Borger Basic geometry of the Witt vectors
16th Thomas Britz Codes, matroids, designs, and graphs - and big polynomials
23rd Andrew Mathas Classifying the blocks of the Ariki-Koike algebras
30th Hebing Rui Discriminants of Brauer algebras
20th Alex Molev Littlewood-Richardson polynomials
27th Bob Howlett Automorphisms of Coxeter groups
11th Eamonn O'Brien Using involution centralisers in linear group algorithms
18th Ruibin Zhang Representations of orthogonal and orthosymplectic Lie algebras in the quantum Kepler problem
10th Alexander Chervov Quantum integrable systems and the Langlands correspondence
17th Stephen Glasby Writing projective representations over subfields
24th Anthony Henderson Orbit closures in the enhanced nilpotent cone
31st James Parkinson Path combinatorics in loop groups
Thursday 6th John Fountain Unique factorisation in noncommutative monoids
21st Peter O'Sullivan The generalised Jacobson-Morosov theorem
5th Vyacheslav Futorny Fibres of characters in Harish-Chandra categories
12th Gus Lehrer The flag variety and twisted invariants of reflection groups
19th Daniel Murfet Homotopy categories, Grothendieck duality and singularities
26th Jan de Gier The two-boundary Temperley-Lieb algebra