University of Sydney Algebra Seminars in 2008

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29th Thomas Weigel Finite groups with minimal 1-PIM
7th Andrew Mathas Cyclotomic Solomon algebras
14th Alexander Stolin 25 years of quantum groups: from definition to classification
28th Ruibin Zhang Quantum group actions on noncommutative algebras and invariant theory
4th James East Braid groups and transformation semigroups
11th Shona Yu The cyclotomic Birman-Murakami-Wenzl algebras
18th Jonathan Hillman Finite index endomorphisms of mapping tori of free group automorphisms
2nd Lucy Gow Yangians of Lie superalgebras
9th Stephen Meagher Twists of genus three Jacobians
16th Daniel Chan What is non-commutative projective geometry?
23rd Alex Molev Cauchy identity for double Schur functions and its applications
6th Ian Morrison Mori and nef cones of moduli spaces of pointed curves
13th Amnon Neeman Grothendieck duality via flat modules
20th Alan Stapledon Weighted Ehrhart theory and orbifold cohomology
1st Alexander Kleshchev Higher level Schur-Weyl duality
8th Geordie Williamson The p-smoothness locus of Schubert varieties
15th Jonathan Dixon Projectives in quantised category O
19th Stephen Glasby The automorphisms of p-groups with only three characteristic subgroups
22nd Matthew Dyer Poincaré series of subsets of Coxeter groups
29th Anthony Henderson Enhancing the nilpotent cone
5th Shuzo Izumi Diophantine inequality for equicharacteristic excellent Henselian local domains
12th Jun Hu On the decomposition numbers of the Hecke algebra of type Dn when n is even
19th Jeremie Guilhot On the lowest two-sided cell in an affine Weyl group
26th Scott Morrison Generators and relations for the representation theory of Uq(sln) as a planar algebra
10th William Messing p-adic Hodge theory and p-adic periods
24th Jon Carlson Endotrivial modules for group schemes
31st Don Taylor The structure of finite unitary reflection groups
Thursday 6th Richard Hain Algebraic completions of discrete and profinite groups
21st Alexey Isaev Algebraic approach to integrable chain models: open Hecke chains for hook type representations
28th Kentaro Wada The representation type of cyclotomic q-Schur algebras
5th Jean Michel Automorphisms of complex reflection groups