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Number Theory Seminar

The number theory seminar is a forum for talks in various aspects of number theory, arithmetic geometry, cryptography. In 2003-2004 we ran special lecture series on rigid cohomology and modular forms and functions.

Previous Seminars

Schedule of Talks

August 2003

Fri 22 Tom Womack Four descent on elliptic curves
Fri 29 Nils Bruin Show your Sha

October 2003

Fri 10 Michael Harrison Kedlaya's method for counting points on hyperelliptic curves
Fri 17 Rene Schoof Catalan's conjecture (d'apres Mihailescu) (3:30-4:30)
Fri 24 Rene Schoof Catalan's conjecture (d'apres Mihailescu) (3:30-5:00)

November 2003

Fri 14 David Kohel Introduction to Topics on Modular Curves (2:05-2:55)
Fri 21 David Kohel Topics on Modular Curves II (2:00-2:50)

February 2004

Thurs 05 Keith Tognetti LSD, Dirty Books and Accountancy Fraud (3:05-3:55)
Thurs 19 David Lubicz Theta functions and moduli spaces of abelian varieties (3:05-3:55)

March 2004

Fri 12 Christian Virdol Zeta functions for twisted modular curves (4:05-4:55)

July 2004

Fri 9 Mark Kisin Modularity (3:05-4:55)

Special Lecture Series: Rigid Cohomology

October 2003

Fri 10 Daniel Caro Rigid Cohomology (4:15-5:15, following Harrison's talk)
Fri 17 Daniel Caro Rigid Cohomology (2:05-2:55, preceding Schoof's talk)
Fri 24 Daniel Caro Rigid Cohomology (2:05-2:55, preceding Schoof's talk)
Fri 31 Daniel Caro Rigid Cohomology (Back to usual time: 3:05-3:55)

November 2003

Fri 7 Daniel Caro Rigid Cohomology (3:05-3:55)
Fri 14 Daniel Caro Rigid Cohomology (3:35-4:25, following Kohel's talk)
Fri 21 Daniel Caro Rigid Cohomology (3:05-3:55) -- Final talk in series.

Special Lecture Series: Modular forms and functions

March 2004

Fri 12 King Fai Lai Automorphic forms for SL_2 (3:05-3:55)
Fri 26 Ben Smith Modular forms and functions [Milne Ch.1,2] (3:05-4:00+)

April 2004

Fri 02 Hai Trung Ho Modular forms and functions [Milne Ch.3,4] (3:05-3:55;4:05+)
Fri 08 David Gruenewald Modular forms and functions [Milne Ch.5,6] (3:05-3:55;4:05+)
Fri 16 Alan Stapledon The Riemann-Roch Theorem [Following Lang] (3:05-3:55)
Fri 23 David Kohel Modular forms and functions [Genus formulas and algebraic models] (3:05-3:55)
Fri 23 Martine Girard Modular forms and functions [Milne Ch.8,10] (4:05-4:55)
Fri 30 Mike Harrison Modular forms and functions [Milne 10,11] (3:05-3:55;4:05+)

June 2004

Fri 04 David Kohel Complex multiplication and modular curves.

Beach BBQ Seminar

The Number Theory Seminar may be preceded or followed by a Beach BBQ Seminar at Clovelly.

Questions concerning the number theory seminar should be addressed to David R. Kohel, Carslaw 638, 9351 3279.