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Profile – Hugh Miller

Hugh Miller This year I’m completing honours in pure mathematics as part of my Bachelor of Science (Advanced Maths). I've enjoyed mathematics since I've been young, so honours has been a great opportunity to think deeply in interesting areas. In particular I've been reading in ergodic theory, which is a delightful blend of measure theory, number theory, dynamical systems, probability and functional analysis.

I chose the University of Sydney because of its strong reputation for academic excellence and its flexibility in catering for good students, particularly through the Talented Student Program. My experience has definitely exceeded my expectations. I have been challenged every year and there have always been a multitude of options. Besides being able to choose from a great range of courses, I have been able to take units early, undertake independent research as an undergraduate and complete projects over summer. One thing that has really impressed me about the School is its size and breadth. There are so many academics studying different things that there's always a course or topic that is new and interesting.

Next year I’ll be working with statistical models for an actuarial consulting firm. The position requires highly developed mathematical ability, completing analyses for a spectrum of corporate and government bodies. I also plan to return to university to do further postgraduate study in mathematics. My other interests? I play cello in the local orchestra and love cricket (both playing and watching). I’ve also enjoyed the dozens of chess games that have been played in the honours offices this year!

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