Vacation Scholarships

Applications are invited from undergraduates who are gifted in mathematics and interested in undertaking a study/research project during the 2014–2015 summer vacation. As well as scholarships offered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics itself, there are scholarships offered by AMSI (the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute) and tenable in the School.

School of Mathematics and Statistics scholarships

The vacation scholarship program is intended primarily for students enrolled in third year mathematics or statistics courses, and planning on continuing their studies in these fields. However, applications from exceptional first or second year students may be considered. Visa difficulties prevent us from offering these scholarships to students who are not residents of Australia or New Zealand.

The purpose of the program is to introduce students to mathematical research. The project of each successful candidate will be supervised by a member of staff of the School.

The research interests of School members cover a wide area of mathematics and statistics, including algebra, analysis, geometry, differential geometry, dynamical systems, combinatorics, coding theory, automata, singularity theory, chaos, topology, knot theory, ordinary and partial differential equations, geometric mechanics, astrophysical and geophysical fluid dynamics, geomagnetism, financial modelling, portfolio analysis, biomathematics, statistics, probability, time series.

The scholarships are generally tenable for up to 6 weeks. Successful candidates will receive an allowance of $488 per week (APA rate). Students living outside of metropolitan Sydney may also be eligible for an additional scholarship - valued at $250 per week for the duration of the Summer Scholarship project - to assists with travel and relocation cost.

AMSI Scholarships

The School of Mathematics and Statistics will nominate the most outstanding applicants to compete for the AMSI Vacation Scholarships. Successful nominees will be expected to attend CSIRO’s Big Day In for 2 days and make a presentation about their project. Nominees must be third-year students doing a major in the mathematical sciences intending to proceed to honours or masters, this includes students doing joint degrees that include mathematics and statistics. Also see the AMSI guidelines for more information.

Method of Application

Applicants should write to

    Associate Professor Holger Dullin,
    School of Mathematics and Statistics F07,
    University of Sydney,
    NSW 2006
marking their envelope "Vacation Scholarship". The following information should be included in the application:

  • Full name, postal address, email address and telephone number(s) (including mobile number)
  • Date of birth
  • University and course in which currently enrolled
  • A copy of the applicant's official academic record
  • Letters of recommendation, in sealed envelopes, from two people who are familiar with the applicant's academic record. For applicants from Sydney, it is sufficient to give the names of two lecturers familiar with the applicant's record.
  • Some indication of the area of mathematics or statistics the applicant would like to pursue in a research project would be helpful. This may be quite a broad area, such as Applied Mathematics, for example, or may be quite specific.
  • Any constraints on the time over the summer period when the applicant could do the project.
  • In addition to the above paper based application please also send an email to with the subject Vacation Scholarship containing just your surname, given name(s), University, student ID, preferred email address.
The applicants nominated by the School for the AMSI Scholarships will be contacted for the additional information required by the AMSI.

Applications should be submitted by 4pm, Friday 29 August 2014.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Associate Professor Dullin by email or by phone (02) 9351 4083.

For questions or comments please contact