For Prospective Students


Developing your abilities

A degree in Mathematics or Statistics opens up a very wide range of career possibilities. It is a truly general qualification, and an ideal choice for students who want to keep their career options open as long as possible.

By studying mathematics you can develop important skills which are valued by many different types of employer–the ability to solve problems, think logically, construct mathematical and computer models, and research and analyse complex situations.

Even if you do not use many of the specific facts you learn in your mathematics or statistics courses, you will find that these sorts of skills carry over to lots of different careers, and never go out of date. After a first degree there are many opportunities to acquire more specialised expertise, but other chances to improve your mathematical abilities beyond high-school level are hard to find.

Some of the activities taken up by Australian mathematics and statistics graduates that we know about are shown in the list on the right.


Opportunities in many traditional areas of graduate employment have been shrinking. At the same time many new jobs have appeared in areas which didn't exist at all a decade or so ago. With their flexible and widely applicable skills, mathematics graduates can take advantage of this rapidly changing and unpredictable environment.

As a mathematician or statistician, you could be employed by a government or private research organisation, a bank, a financial institution, an insurance company, the engineering, software, telecommunications or mining industries, a school or other educational institution, or a government scientific or defence enterprise.

Check the Australian Mathematical Society's Career Information for examples of currently available opportunities.

See also the information about studying Financial Mathematics in the School.

Details of all our undergraduate courses can be found on the undergraduate courses pages of the School of Mathematics and Statistics web site. For information concerning possibilities for postgraduate study, refer to the research pages.