For Prospective Students

Overview of units

Mathematics and Statistics: variety and flexibility

The School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney offers students a great variety of units at all levels, covering the full spectrum from the most abstract to the most applicable aspects of the subject. All Science students are required to study mathematics in their first year. A large number continue to enrol in mathematics and statistics units for the full duration of their degree, and some go on to do an Honours year and postgraduate study.

The University's flexible degree structure allows you to combine mathematics with other areas of interest, right through into your Senior year. Many courses are also offered at an advanced level, so you can choose a program that suits your level of ability and interest.

Available units of study

Here is a list of the units currently offered in 2017. There are minor changes from year to year as courses are updated and replaced.

Junior Units
Differential Calculus Differential and Difference Equations
Discrete Mathematics Calculus and Algebra for Life Sciences
Linear Algebra Integral Calculus and Modelling
Introduction to Calculus Statistics
Intermediate Units
Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus Real and Complex Analysis
Mathematical Computing and Nonlinear Systems Partial Differential Equations
Number Theory and Cryptography Algebra
Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory Optimisation and Financial Mathematics
Senior Units
Pure and Applied Mathematics
Differential Equations & Biomathematics Geometry & Topology
Information Theory & Coding Theory Complex Analysis
Rings, Fields & Galois Theory Differential Geometry
Financial Mathematics Fluid Dynamics
Algebra & Number Theory Logic & Foundations
Lagrangian & Hamiltonian Dynamics Metric Spaces
Modules & Group Representations Analysis
Measure Theory & Fourier Analysis Mathematical Computing
Partial Differential Equations & Waves
Stochastic Processes & Time Series Applied Linear Models
Statistical Inference Applied Statistics

And more ...

In addition, the School offers Honours programs in Pure and Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and opportunities for postgraduate study and research. Further details of all our courses can be found on the School's Teaching pages.