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1991-19D. E. Taylor and Ming-Yao Xu Vertex-primitive 1/2-transitive graphs
1993-38Robert B. Howlett Miscellaneous facts about Coxeter groups
1993-59T. G. Lavers Fibonacci numbers, ordered partitions, and transformations of a finite set
1994-40Andrew Solomon Stratifications of the variety of R-trivial monoids
1994-43Brigitte Brink The set of dominance-minimal roots
1995-02Brigitte Brink On Centralizers of Reflections in Coxeter Groups
1995-04Stephen P. Glasby Tensor products of polynomials
1995-06Andrew Solomon Catalan monoids, monoids of local endomorphisms, and their presentations
1996-01Benkart, Shader and Ram Tensor product representations for orthosymplectic Lie superalgebras
1996-02David Easdown and Victoria Gould Cancellative Orders
1996-03David Easdown and Victoria Gould Orders in power semigroups
1996-04David Easdown and Victoria Gould Commutative Orders
1996-07Andrew Solomon A Category of Concrete Monoids
1996-23Arun Ram Robinson-Schensted-Knuth insertion and characters of symmetric groups and Iwahori-Hecke algebras of type A
1996-26R. B. Howlett, P. J. Rowley and D. E. Taylor On Outer Automorphism Groups of Coxeter Groups
1996-31J. Lau Rational Growth of a Class of Inverse Semigroups
1997-03Joseph Lau Degree of Growth of some Inverse Semigroups
1997-04Alexander Iltyakov On Generators of the Algebra of Polynomial Invariants of Group F_4
1997-06Robert B. Howlett Introduction to Coxeter groups
1997-07L. J. Rylands and D. E. Taylor Matrix Generators for the Orthogonal Groups
1997-09Alberto Elduque and Alexandre V. Iltyakov On Polynomial Invariants of Exceptional Simple Algebraic Groups
1997-11Arun Ram and D. E. Taylor Explicit Irreducible Representations of the Iwahori-Hecke Algebra of Type F4
1997-12Joseph Lau Remarks on Finitely Presented Bands
1997-21Jian-yi Shi Left cells in the affine Weyl group of type C~4
1997-22Yu Chen and Jian-yi Shi Left cells in the Weyl group of type E7
1997-23Alexandre V. Iltyakov Laplace Operator and Polynomial Invariants
1997-25Jian-yi Shi Sign types associated to posets
1997-27A.V. Iltyakov Laplace Operator and Polynomial Invariants II
1998-02Gordon James and Andrew Mathas The cyclotomic Jantzen-Schaper theorem
1998-03Jian-yi Shi On two presentations of the affine Weyl groups of the classical types
1998-06Alexandre V. Iltyakov Polynomial Identities of Finite Dimensional Lie Algebras
1998-07R. B. Howlett and Jian-yi Shi On the regularity of the finite reflection groups
1998-09David G. A. Jackson The Order of the Centralizer of a Regular Element
1998-11Gordon James and Andrew Mathas The irreducible Specht modules in characteristic 2
1998-13Andrew Mathas Hecke algebras and Schur algebras of the symmetric group
1998-14Susumu Ariki and Andrew Mathas The number of simple modules of the Hecke algebras of type G(r,1,n)
1998-17David G. A. Jackson The irreducibility of a cubic over a finite field
1998-18David G. A. Jackson Values of the Fourier transforms of Green functions at regular elements
1998-19David G. A. Jackson The rational adjoint orbits of a Lie algebra of type G2
1998-20David G. A. Jackson Rational regular nilpotent elements of a reductive Lie algebra
1998-27G.I Lehrer and G.B. Segal Homology Stability for Classical Regular Semisimple Varieties
1998-30A. I. Molev Yangians and transvector algebras
1998-36G.I. Lehrer and T.A. Springer Reflection Subquotients of Unitary Reflection Groups
1999-03Ruth Corran A normal form for a class of monoids including the singular braid monoids
1999-04Ruth Corran Solving the word problem in the singular braid monoid
1999-08A. I. Molev A weight basis for representations of even orthogonal Lie algebras
1999-13D. Combe and D. E. Taylor Two Results Concerning Distance-Regular Directed Graphs
1999-14R. B. Howlett, L. J. Rylands and D. E. Taylor Matrix Generators for Exceptional Groups of Lie Type
1999-18Clare Coleman and David Easdown Complementation in the Group of Units of a Ring
1999-19Clare Coleman and David Easdown Decompositions of Rings under the Circle Operation
1999-21A. I. Molev Weight bases of Gelfand-Tsetlin type for representations of classical Lie algebras
1999-24G.I. Lehrer Equivariant Cohomology of Configurations in $\R^{^n}$
1999-25G.I. Lehrer Geometric Themes in Representation Theory
2000-02L. J. Rylands and D. E. Taylor Constructions for octonion and exceptional Jordan algebras
2000-05A. I. Molev and G. I. Olshanski Degenerate affine Hecke algebras and centralizer construction for the symmetric groups
2000-08J. Blair and G.I. Lehrer Cohomology Actions and Centralisers in Unitary Reflection Groups
2000-18D. Combe, W.D. Palmer and W.R. Unger Bhaskar Rao Designs and the Alternating Group A4
2000-19M. Kisin and G. I. Lehrer Equivariant Poincare Polynomials and Counting Points over Finite Fields
2001-05Anthony Henderson K(Fq)-invariants in Irreducible Representations of G(Fq), when G=GL_n
2001-06A. I. Molev and E. Ragoucy Representations of reflection algebras
2001-12V. M. Futorny and A. I. Molev Weight polynomial modules over the gl2 Yangian
2001-13Noelle Antony, Clare Coleman and David Easdown Group presentations for a class of radical rings of matrices
2001-14Brett McElwee Subgroups of the Free Semigroup on a Biordered Set in Which Principal Ideals are Singletons
2001-15John J. Graham and Gus I. Lehrer Diagram algebras, Hecke algebras and decomposition numbers at roots of unity

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