The quantum theory of a quadratic gravity theory derived from the heterotic string effective action


Simon Davis and Hugh Luckock


Research Report 2001-17
Date: 21 December 2001, revised 12 Feb 2002


The renormalizability of a quadratic gravity theory with exponential coupling between dilaton field and curvature terms is verified. The wave function for this model is then deduced to first order by solving a perturbed second-order Wheeler-De Witt equation, assuming that the potential is slowly varying with respect to the dilation field. Calculations of the time-dependence of the expected scale factor and dilaton field for this theory are outlined.

Key phrases

quadratic gravity. string theory. quantum cosmology. Wheeler DeWitt equation.

AMS Subject Classification (1991)

Primary: 83C45
Secondary: 83E05, 83E30, 81T10, 81T15, 81T20, 81T30


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