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1994-33Norman Dancer and Daniel Daners A Priori Bounds for Solutions and Spectra of Robin Boundary Value Problems
1994-41Hugh Luckock Boundary Terms for Globally Supersymmetric Actions
1994-42Hugh Luckock and Chris Oliwa The Cosmological Probability Density Function for Bianchi Class A Models in Quantum Supergravity
1995-11Daniel Daners Domain Perturbation for Linear and Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
1996-08Xue-zhong He and Shigui Ruan Global stability in chemostat-type plankton models with delayed nutrient recycling
1996-09Shigui Ruan and Xue-zhong He Global stability in chemostat-type competition models with nutrient recycling
1996-12Daniel Daners Robin boundary value problems on arbitrary domains
1996-15K. Gopalsamy and Xue-zhong He Global stability in n-species competition modelled by ``pure-delay-type'' systems -- II: nonautonomous case
1996-16Robert Graham and Hugh Luckock Cosmological Time in Quantum Supergravity
1996-24Xue-Zhong He Almost Periodic Solution of a Competition System with Dominated Infinite Delays
1996-28Andrew Matacz A New Theory of Stochastic Inflation
1996-30Dancer E.N. and Daners D. Domain perturbation for elliptic equations subject to Robin boundary conditions
1996-32Xue-Zhong He Global Stability in Nonautonomous Lotka-Volterra Systems of "Pure-Delay-Type"
1996-34Xue-Zhong He, Shigui Ruan and Huaxing Xia Global stability in chemostat-type equations with distributed delays
1996-38Andrew Matacz Inflation and the Fine-Tuning Problem
1996-41Don Koks, Andrew Matacz and B.L. Hu Entropy and Uncertainty of Squeezed Quantum Open Systems
1997-01Xue-Zhong He Degenerate Lyapunov functionals and a prey-predator model with discrete delays
1997-05Simon Davis Scalar field theory in curved space and the definition of momentum
1997-14Xue-Zhong He Degenerate Lyapunov functional and a prey-predator model with infinite delays
1997-15E.N. Dancer and Shusen Yan Multipeak Solutions for a Singularly Perturbed Neumann Problem
1997-16D. Koks, B.L. Hu, A. Matacz and A. Raval Thermal Particle Creation in Cosmological Spacetimes: A Stochastic Approach
1997-18E.N. Dancer Some Slightly Subcritical or Slightly Supercritical Problems
1997-19Daniel Daners Heat Kernel Estimates for Operators with Boundary Conditions
1997-20Daniel Daners and Sandro Merino Gradient-like Parabolic Semiflows on BUC(R^N)
1997-24E.N. Dancer Remarks on Jumping Nonlinearities
1997-28Andrew Matacz Financial Modeling and Option Theory with the Truncated Levy Process
1997-33E. Norman Dancerand Kewei Zhang Uniqueness of Solutions for some Elliptic Equations and Systems in Nearly Star-Shaped Domains
1997-34Xuezhong He, Jianhong Wu and Xingfu Zou Dynamics of Single Species Populations over a Patchy Environment
1997-35E. Norman Dancer Remarks on the Pure Critical Exponent Problem
1998-01George Tsoupros Scaling Behaviour of Conformal Fields in Curved Three-dimensional Space
1998-05Simon Davis Summability of Superstring Theory
1998-16Hamish Meffin and William G. Gibson Threshold setting and mean firing rates in networks of integrate-and-fire neurons
1998-22Christopher M. Cosgrove Higher-order Painleve equations in the polynomial class I. Bureau symbol P2
1998-23Christopher M. Cosgrove Chazy Classes IX--XII of third-order differential equations
1998-28Pilar R Gordoa, Nalini Joshi and Andrew Pickering Mappings preserving locations of movable poles: a new extension of the truncation method to ordinary differential equations
1998-31E.N. Dancer Infinitely Many Turning Points for Some Supercritical Problems
1998-34Simon Davis Spin structures on Riemann surfaces and the perfect numbers
1999-12Simon Davis Higher-derivative Quantum Cosmology
1999-20Simon Davis Connections and Generalized Gauge Transformations
1999-23Simon Davis and Hugh Luckock The Effect of Higher-Order Curvature Terms on String Quantum Cosmology
1999-27Simon Davis Mathematical Applications of String Theory: Spin Structures on Riemann Surfaces and the Perfect Numbers
2000-01E.N. Dancer New Solutions of Equations on $\R^n$
2000-03George Tsoupros Radiative Contributions to the Effective Action of Self-interacting Scalar Field on a Manifold with Boundary
2000-06Christopher M. Cosgrove Higher-order Painleve equations in the polynomial class II. Bureau symbol P1
2000-09E.N. Dancer On Stability and Hopf Bifurcations for Chemotaxis Systems
2000-13E.N. Dancer and Zhitao Zhang Dynamics of Lotka Volterra Competition Systems with Large Interaction
2000-20E.N. Dancer Bifurcation from Simple Eigenvalues and Eigenvalues of Geometric Multiplicity 1
2000-21Simon Davis A Rationality Condition for the Existence of Odd Perfect Numbers
2001-10David C. Edelman and Nigel R. O'Brian Tote Arbitrage and Lock Opportunities in Racetrack Betting
2001-11Nigel R. O'Brian Log-Optimal Portfolios for Tree-Structured Wagers

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