Are you a high-achiever in mathematics?

  • If you love mathematics and you have achieved outstanding results in Mathematics Extension 2, as well as in the HSC overall, you may be invited to join one or both of our programs for high achievers.
  • The Mathematics Special Studies Program and the Dalyell Scholars Program provide experience in aspects of recent research.
  • Mathematics is an international enterprise and the members of the School are prominent in international research. This research covers a broad range of subjects from pure mathematical topics such as algebra, algorithms and number theory, through subjects such as partial differential equations, to topics in applied mathematics and statistics including applications to biological science, bioinformatics and finance.

Advanced Units

  • The Faculty of Science in the University of Sydney admits students with a great variety of interests and with a wide range of HSC scores. Within the Faculty, the School of Mathematics and Statistics aims to provide appropriate units for students with all levels of mathematical ability. One way we do this is to offer separate Advanced and Mainstream streams all the way through the first three undergraduate years.
  • If you are interested in enrolling in the Advanced units in first year, it is a good idea to try the online self-assessment test.
  • Our success is shown by the number of students choosing to continue with mathematics or statistics for the full three years—more than in any other Australian university.

Mathematics Special Studies Program

  • In the Mathematics Special Studies Program you will join a small group of about 25 outstanding students, taking advanced level first-year mathematics units.
  • The Mathematics Special Studies Program is attached to the calculus units in Semester 1 and 2.
  • In seminars and tutorials you will also cover advanced topics not available in the general syllabus.
  • This program is a great way to meet other students with similar interests and abilities. It also extends into second year.

How to apply for the Mathematics Special Studies Program

  • Based on your HSC performance in Ext 2 Maths, you will need to apply for entry into the Mathematics Special Studies Program through an online form provided near the start of Semester 1.
  • You will be notified of acceptance into this program towards the end of Week 1, Semester 1.
  • For more information, contact Dr Daniel Daners.

Dalyell Scholars Program

  • The Dalyell Scholars program offers an opportunity for high-achieving students to challenge themselves alongside their most promising and talented peers. -As a Dalyell Scholar you will be able to tailor your unit to suit your own interests to gain greater breadth and depth.
  • This program is offered by invitation, and if you are a keen mathematician you could take some advanced units in your first year.
  • Dalyell Scholars have the opportunity to participate in the Science Dalyell Showcase in first year, where you will work with a small team on a cutting-edge problem.
  • In second and third year, exceptional students may be able to take a specialist reading unit or complete an individual project under academic supervision.
  • You will also have access to university-wide Dalyell opportunities, including mentoring and professional skills development, or an international experience, such as a global mobility scholarship.
  • For more information, visit Dalyell Scholars.

How to enrol in Dayell Scholars Program

  • In your UAC application, select the course “B Science/B Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars including Mathematical Sciences)”. The course code is 513911.
  • When you are offered a place, state your major as Mathematical Sciences Program.
  • You will then automatically gain access to the new Advanced Mathematics Program.

The Advanced Mathematics Degree

  • In 2018, we will no longer offer the course “BSc (Advanced Mathematics)”.
  • Instead, our hugely popular advanced mathematics course will be available through the Dalyell Scholars program.