Why do a Major/Minor in Maths?

“Do as much Mathematics and Statistics as you can in your degrees – these skills will empower your professional lives.”
(Sir Gustav Nossal, Australian research biologist)

A major or minor in Mathematics develops strong analytic skills for any career, whether in research, finance, medical science, computer science, pyschology or linguistics and the social sciences.

Choose your Major/Minor

You can choose between 4 Majors/Minors:

Search here to see the details of the courses for each major.


Depending on which course you undertake, you may be able to complete two majors, or combine one major from the three above with a major from another discipline.

Choose your level

Our first-year mathematics units of study cater for a wide variety of backgrounds, needs and aspirations:


Most science students enrol in mainstream level mathematics units, which are designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills as preparation for mathematics or statistics in second year and beyond. The assumed knowledge for mainstream level units is HSC Mathematics Extension 1.


If you have a strong interest and abilities in mathematics, you can enrol in advanced level units. These cover topics with greater depth and more rigour than the mainstream units, and are both challenging and rewarding. The assumed knowledge for advanced level units is HSC Mathematics Extension 2.


Units at this level are designed for students who have studied HSC Mathematics and plan to specialise in science areas such as biology, biochemistry, microbiology and the medical sciences. These subjects do not require formal study of mathematics after first year.

If you do not have the assumed mathematics knowledge for your university course, you will need to consider completing a bridging course before you start.

How to apply

  • For information on application procedures, please refer to the University’s admissions web page.
  • To choose Advanced Mathematics, choose the Dalyell Scholars program in your UAC application, and select the course “B Science/B Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars including Mathematical Sciences)”. The course code is 513911.