2005 Seminars

  • Friday 25 November. Professor Jeff Hunter, Massey University, New Zealand A Survey of Generalized Inverses and their Use in Stochastic Modelling.
  • Friday 28 October. Dr Tim Bedding, School of Physics, University of Sydney. Asteroseismology: measuring eigenfrequencies of oscillating stars.
  • Friday 21 October. Honours seminars (2)
  • Friday 14 October. Honours seminars (1)
  • Friday 23 September. Professor Eugene Seneta, University of Sydney. Markov and the Birth of Chain Dependence Theory.
  • Friday 9 September. Professor Moshe Haviv. To Queue or not to Queue: Equilibrium Behavior in Queueing.
  • Friday 2 September. Professor William Dunsmuir , University of New South Wales. Modelling Dependence in Time Series of Counts
  • Friday 26 August. Hugh Miller, University of Sydney. Change-point analysis of Sydney rainfall data
  • Friday 19 August. Professor Vladimir A.Vatutin, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow. Branching processes in random environment and the bottleneck of evolution of populations.
  • Friday 5 August. Professor Matt Wand, University of New South Wales. PENALISED SPLINE SUPPORT VECTOR CLASSIFIERS.
  • Friday 10 June. Dr Alexander Meister, Australian National University. Support Estimation under Measurement Error
  • Friday 3 June. Dr Christian Rau, Australian National University. Tracking edges, corners and vertives in an image
  • Friday 27 May. Professor Soumen Lahiri , Iowa State University. Bootstrap for irregularly spaced spatial data
  • Friday 20 May. Dr Georg Gottwald, University of Sydney. A new test for chaos in noisy deterministic systems
  • Friday 13 May.Dr Natalie Neumeyer, Australian National University. Bootstrap tests concerning the error distribution in nonparametric regression models
  • Wednesday 20 April, Special Seminar: 4pm in 452. Professor Ming-Yen Cheng, National Taiwan University. Efficient Estimation in Multiparameter Local Likelihood Models
  • Friday 15 April. Professor Laurent Cavalier, Universite Aix-Marseille 1. Risk hull method for inverse problems
  • Friday 8 April. No seminar due to the ISI-conference
  • Thursday 31 March-Friday 1 April. Asymptotics and Nonparametrics workshop.

  • Friday 18 March 2005
    Dr Ryan Elmore
    Australian National University
    Properties and applications of elliptical data depth

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