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Special Consideration & Special Arrangements (exams)

IMPORTANT: Please read the following information carefully.

You may experience circumstances beyond your control that may prevent you from sitting the exam or impact on your performance during the exam. Depending on the situation you may be eligible to apply for Special Consideration or Special Arrangements.

Special Consideration

You are entitled to apply for special consideration if

  1. serious illness, injury or misadventure makes it impossible for you to attend an exam, or
  2. you sat an exam but consider that your performance was impaired due to illness or misadventure.

Any application for special consideration must be lodged online with the appropriate supporting documents within 3 working days of the missed exam.

Note: if you sat the exam then applied for special consideration due to impaired performance and you are granted a replacement exam, your exam on which the special consideration was sought will not be marked.

Special Arrangements

You may apply for special arrangements if

  1. you are unable to attend an exam due to an essential community commitment (e.g. jury duty, court summons), or
  2. you are unable to sit the exam on Saturday due to religious beliefs or sporting commitments.

Any application for special arrangements must be lodged online 14 days after publication of the examination timetable. If the commitment is not known at this time, by the third working day after the special commitment date is known.

Information about Special Consideration/Arrangements

The University's special consideration process is governed by Section 14 of the Coursework Policy and the Assessment Procedures. Before applying for special consideration or special arrangements you are strongly advised to read and familiarise yourself with the information and procedures contained in this link: .

How do I apply?

Applications for special consideration and special arrangements are managed by the University's Student Administration Services (SAS). For information on how to apply, please click on this link:

Application Outcome

If you are granted a replacement exam you will receive notification from SAS, and a result of ‘0 INC’ on your academic record.

Closer to the exam date the list of SIDs for students who have been granted replacement exam will be posted on the following websites.

When is the replacement exam?

All mathematics and statistics replacement exams will take place on 25th November or 30th November 2016.

The timetable with the location of the exams will be published on the above 1st, 2nd and 3rd year websites closer to the date of the exam.

Note: it is your responsibility to carefully check the date, time and venue of the replacement exam and to show up to your exam at the right place and on time.