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Resources for MATH2061: Vector Calculus

This page contains links to tutorial and assignment sheets and other handouts (no hard copies will be distributed).

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The assignment will be due 4pm Friday, 26 May 2017. It will be marked and worth 5% of your final raw mark. Please note that the maximum possible extension for the assignment is 7 days (including the weekend). The handwritten assignment must be scanned/imaged and submitted in PDF format online via LMS with Turnitin. Please ensure your submitted pdf is legible and keep your original handwritten version.


  • Daniel Hauer

    Lecture stream 1:

    • 8am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Carslaw Lecture Theatre 159.

    Consultation hours: tba, Carslaw Room 635.

  • David Ivers

    Lecture stream 2:

    Consultation hours: Tuesday 1 - 2pm, Carslaw Room 623.

  • Fernando Viera

    Lecture stream 3:

    • 1pm on Monday and Wednesday in Merewether Lecture Theatre 1
    • 1pm on Tuesday in Chemistry Lecture Theatre 3

    Consultation hours: Thursday 12 - 1pm, Carslaw Room 524.


Lecture notes, additional handouts, practice classes sheets, tutorials sheets, assignment sheets and solutions are available as PDF files. If you have problems printing the PDF files look at the PDF Help Page



Practice classes  



Lecture notes

L Hauer (8am)

Lecture notes

D Ivers (9am/8am)

Lecture notes

F Viera      (1pm)

Material covered
Week 7

LM Tutorial 6

See the LM page.

VC Practice class 7



Lect. 1

Anzac Day

Lect. 2

Lect. 1

Anzac Day

Lect. 2

Lect. 1

Anzac Day

Lect. 2

Line integrals

Vector fields


Week 8

VC Tutorial 7


Practice class 8



Lect. 3

Lect. 4

Lect. 5

Lect. 3

Lect. 4

Lect. 5

Lect. 1

Lect. 2

Lect. 3


Conservative fields



Week 9

Tutorial 8


Practice class 9



Lect. 6

Lect. 7

Lect. 8

Lect. 6

Lect. 7

Lect. 8

Lect. 1

Lect. 2

Lect. 3

Double integrals

Plane polar coordinates

Week 10

Tutorial 9


Practice class 10


Lect. 9

Lect. 10

Lect. 11

Lect. 9

Lect. 10

Lect. 11

Lect. 1

Lect. 2

Lect. 3


Green's theorem



Week 11

Tutorial 10


Practice class 11



Assignment due Friday Week 11

Lect. 12

Lect. 13

Lect. 14

Lect. 12

Lect. 13

Lect. 14

Lect. 1

Lect. 2

Lect. 3


Surface Integrals

Cylindrical and Spherical

Flux across Surface

Week 12

Tutorial 11


Practice class 12



Lect. 15

Lect. 16

Lect. 17

Lect. 15

Lect. 16

Lect. 17

Lect. 1

Lect. 2

Lect. 3


Triple Integrals

3D coordinates

Gauss' Divergence Theorem

Stokes' Theorem

Week 13

Tutorial 12


  Practice questions for quiz

Short Answers


VC Quiz

Covers Chapters 1-5 of the printed notes

Quiz formula sheet

Lect. 18

Lect. 19

Lect. 20 (Revision DE)

VC Exam 2011 solutions

Lect. 1


Stokes' Theorem



Formula Sheet for Exam

Week 14 Stuvac    

Quiz A questions and answers

Quiz B questions and answers

Quiz C questions and answers

Quiz D questions and answers

Exam Consultations

Wednesday 21 June


Room 635

Exam Consultations

Tuesday 27 June


Room 623

Exam Consultations

Monday 26 June


Room 527


Front page of VC exam (MATH2061)

Front page of VC exam (MATH2067)

The correct answers are given in the last page of the quiz.

The Question with no correct answer (Q11 Quiz D) has now been corrected.

Past Exams and answers

2005 Exam Answers

2006 Exam Answers

2007 Exam is not available Answers

2008 Exam Answers

2009 Exam Answers

2010 Exam Answers

2011 Exam Answers

Warning; Prior to 2013 this course followed the less common US convention for spherical coordinates where \(\phi\) is the polar angle and \(\theta\) is the azimuthal angle.