Undergraduate Study

MATH2068/2988 Number Theory and Cryptography

General Information

This page contains information on the Intermediate Unit of Study MATH2068 Number Theory and Cryptography and MATH2988 Number Theory and Cryptography (advanced). Note that MATH2068 and MATH2988 share the same classes.

This unit is offered in Semester 2.

Lecturer(s): Dzmitry Badziahin

For further information on Intermediate Mathematics and Statistics, refer to the Intermediate Handbook. In particular, see the MATH2068/2988 handbook entry for further information relating to MATH2068 and MATH2988.

You may also view the description of MATH2068 and the description of MATH2988 in the central units of study database.

  • Credit point value: 6CP.
  • Classes per week: Three lectures, one tutorial and one computer laboratory session.

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Students: Please give your name and SID when emailing us. Anonymous emails will not be replied to.

Students have the right to appeal any academic decision made by the School or Faculty. For further information, see the Science Faculty web site.


All students should read the Information Sheet. As well as repeating some of the information below, this contains details of class times, lecturer consultation times, the textbook and reference book, meanings of assessment grades, assessment and feedback schedule, special consideration advice, objectives and learning outcomes, the difference between mainstream and advanced streams, and a week-by-week outline of the lectures.

The Blackboard site for MATH2068 (and likewise for MATH2988) will be used only for lecture recordings and assignment submission through Turnitin. It has links back to this web page.

Class Starting Times

An important note: the computer laboratory sessions for this unit start in Week 1, even if your scheduled lab session is before the first lecture. The first lab session is to introduce you to the computer algebra package MAGMA which you will be using in subsequent lab sessions.

Lectures start in Week 1 and tutorials start in Week 2.


The final mark in MATH2068/2988 will be calculated as follows:

  • 70%: Exam at the end of Semester 2
  • 20%: Assignments (two, worth 10% each)
  • 10%: Quiz
The quiz will be the same for MATH2068 and MATH2988 students. The assignments and the exam will have some questions in common, and some questions only for MATH2068 students or only for MATH2988 students. There is no assessment associated with attendance at lectures, tutorials or computer lab sessions. For more information on assessment dates, see the Information Sheet or the appropriate entries in the Resources Table.

Computer Lab Resources

Most files relating to the computer labs are in the Resources Table below. Here are the instructions for downloading the student version of MAGMA to your own computer and doing the computer laboratory exercises at home.