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Lecture Notes Inserts

Some examples in the lecture notes contain blank boxes for you to fill in. Here are the relevant pages with the answers:

Practice Classes



  • Quiz 1 was held on Wednesday 5 April (Week 5) at 3pm in ABS Auditorium (B2010) during the practice class time. Here is the information sheet.

    Quiz 1 has been marked. The papers can be collected
    in Carslaw level 6, in the shelves just opposite the lifts.

    Quiz 1 answers for blue, pink, green and yellow versions.

  • Quiz 2 will be held on Wednesday 24 May (Week 11) at 3pm.

NB: No "better mark principle" of any kind is used for assessment.


The assignment is due before 4pm on Thursday May 4.

It must be uploaded via Turnitin in the Learning Management System Blackboard.
Please submit only a PDF document (scan or convert other formats).

Lecture recordings

can be accessed via Blackboard

Unfortunately, the lectures on 21 and 27 March were recorded without sound, sorry!