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MATH2961 Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus (advanced)

General Information

This page contains information on the Intermediate Unit of Study MATH2961 Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus (advanced).

This unit is offered in Semester 1.

Lecturer(s): Alexander Fish and Andrew Mathas

For further information on Intermediate Mathematics and Statistics, refer to the Intermediate Handbook. In particular, see the MATH2961 handbook entry for further information relating to MATH2961.

You may also view the description of MATH2961 in the central units of study database.

  • Credit point value: 6CP.
  • Classes per week: Four lectures and one tutorial.

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Information about the exam

For general information about exams, and the exam timetable, please see the University's examinations web page.

The Math2961 exam is scheduled for 9:20-11:30 on Wednesday June 21, 2017, two hours with 10 minutes reading time. The exam has six questions, three questions for each of the Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra components of the unit. Each question may be attempted. The exam is worth 60% of your final assessment.

Please note that the questions for the Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra sections of the course must be answered in separate booklets.

The exam is based on all the material covered in lectures, tutorials, assignments and the quizzes. The best way to prepare for the exam is to read through and think about your lecture notes and then to try to solve as many questions as possible (without looking at the solutions) from the lectures, quizzes, tutorials and assignments. It is recommended that you attempt the questions in the following previous exam papers:

The 2013 exam will used for revision in the last two lectures. The solutions for the remaining exams will not be made available because they are most useful to you if you attempt the questions without having easy recourse to the solutions. You are free to ask questions these exams in Ed and during the pre-exam consultation sessions.

Pre-exam consultation times

Sasha Fish and Andrew Mathas will be available for pre-exam consolation at the following times:
Sasha Fish
Carslaw 712: 10-11am, June 15 and 16
Andrew Mathas
Carslaw 718: 10-11am, June 15 and 16

Calculators in the examination

Non-programmable calculators can be approved for use in examinations at the Student Centre from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. The Student Centre maintains a list of approved calculators. Calculators not on this list can be considered but they are not automatically approved. For examination purposes, a calculator is deemed approved only if it has been given a sticker by the Student Office. Non-approved calculators cannot be taken into the examination room. Please also see the University's examinations information page.

Online Resources

  • Unit Information page
    This page contains detailed information about MATH2961, including lecturer consultation times, the unit description, outcomes, assessment details (including date dates for quizzes and assignments), textbooks and a list of references.
  • Resources page
    All lecture notes, tutorial and assignment sheets, together with solutions, and sample quizzes will be available for download from the MATH2961 Resources Page.
  • EdStem Discussion board
    This is a discussion board for asking and answering questions about any aspect of the unit. The MATH2961 lecturers and tutors will monitor the posts to this forum. Students should feel free to ask and answer questions. Please post any questions that you have about MATH2961 to EdStem so that everyone in the unit can benefit from the resulting discussions. Generic questions that are asked by email will be redirected to EdStem.

  • Blackboard
    The University creates a blackboard page for every unit. Lecture recordings can be downloaded from the Blackboard site and you will need to submit PDF files for your assignments from this page using TurnItIn. All other teaching materials will be available from the MATH2961 resources page.
Check your marks

MATH2961 students: please check that your marks for Vector Calculus Quiz, Vector Calculus Assignment, Linear Algebra Quiz and Linear Algebra Assignment have been recorded correctly by pressing the "Check marks" button.

Please note that any corrections to Vector Calculus Quiz marks must be made by Friday, May 12.
Please note that any corrections to Linear Algebra Quiz marks must be made by Friday, Jun 09.
Please note that any corrections to Linear Algebra Quiz marks must be made by Friday, Jun 09.
Please note that any corrections to Linear Algebra Assignment marks must be made by Friday, Jun 16.



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