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MATH2965 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (advanced)

General Information

This page contains information on the Intermediate Unit of Study MATH2965 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (advanced).

This unit is offered in Semester 2.

Lecturer(s): Clio Cresswell

For further information on Intermediate Mathematics and Statistics, refer to the Intermediate Handbook. In particular, see the MATH2965 handbook entry for further information relating to MATH2965.

You may also view the description of MATH2965 in the central units of study database.

  • Credit point value: 6CP.
  • Classes per week: Three lectures, one tutorial and one practice class.

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Information Sheet

First Order Linear Differential equations (Integrating Factor) Revision

Method of Undetermined Coefficients

Illustration of Gibbs Phenomenon

Theorems of Regular Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problems

Laplace Transforms Table

Fourier Transforms Table

Rayleigh Quotient

Link to Abramowitz & Stegun

Link to Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (effectively A&S updated)

Week 2 Tutorial sheet Solutions
Week 3 Tutorial sheet Solutions
Week 4 Tutorial sheet Solutions Q4 Solns reworded
Week 5 Tutorial sheet Solutions Revision Lecture Notes
Week 6 Tutorial sheet Solutions QUIZ - BRING UNI ID (Quiz and Solutions)
Week 7 Tutorial sheet Solutions Laplace Transforms Practice Class
Week 8 Tutorial sheet Solutions Non-axisymmetric heat conduction in disc and... Solution
Week 9 Tutorial sheet Solutions ASSIGNMENT Due Week 12. See below.
Week 10 Tutorial sheet Solutions Inhomogeneous Problems
Week 11 Tutorial sheet Solutions
Week 12 Tutorial sheet Solutions Wave Equation Spherical Geometry Summary
Week 13 Tutorial sheet Solutions Course Map and 2011 Exam with Solutions

EXAMINATION INFORMATION The examination has 6 questions. The topics follow the order as developed by the course as much as possible.

Consultation Times: Clio Cresswell, Carslaw 711, Thursday 3rd November, 12noon--2pm; Monday 14th November, 3:00pm--5:00pm.


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