Online homework quizzes for MATH1013
Click HERE to access the MapleTA online homework system

There are 10 online homework quizzes each worth 1% and count in total for 10% of your final mark.
Do the Introduction first (but it is not worth any marks)

You can do each homework quiz as many times as you like, only your BEST attempt is counted.
You can even keep practicing after getting full marks at no risk!

Each individual quiz has a 2 hour time limit, but after practicing most students usually only need about 15 mins.
You may do the homework at whatever time and pace suits you but all items must be completed before the end of FRIDAY 10th November 2017 (StuVac)

Online homework is provided to support your learning and give you the opportunity to practice the basic skills introduced in this course.
The questions are randomly generated and you can practice as often as you like and will get new questions each time.
The Multiple Choice questions for the in-class quizzes and in the final exam are VERY similar to the online questions!

Click HERE to access the MapleTA online homework system

Your login is your unikey, e.g. abcd1234. Your temp password was sent to your official university email address.
If you forget or change your password or you can't find the email you can click here to get a new password (using your official uni email address)

If you have transferred units or enrolled late, please wait a week before trying to access the website.

If you are repeating make sure you choose THIS YEARís version of the quizzes!



When you first login you will see an Introduction and then a list of homework (eventually 10 quizzes)
At the top left you will see a menu item
Gradebook (click on this to see a list of marks and details for ALL of your attempts so far)

After you start a quiz you will see six buttons across the top of the page


Back Next Question Menu Grade Help Quit&Save

         The GRADE button will mark your quiz. It will warn you if you have left any questions blank and you can either hit BACK( to do the remaining questions) or GRADE again to force it to mark your quiz anyway.

         After grading, you can see your results and the correct answers by clicking on VIEW DETAILS or Gradebook

         QUIT&SAVE will store your answers so far and allow you to come back and continue the quiz later (but within 2 hours). After 2 hours you will be forced to have the current quiz marked, but you start a fresh one if you wish. You also need to press QUIT&SAVE after marking your quiz to return to the class homepage. Donít forget to press LOGOUT when you are finished.

         The HELP button will provide information about the system (it will not help you with maths)

         The BACK and NEXT buttons allow you to move back and forward one page at a time through the quiz and do the questions in any order you like. There may be several questions on each page or just one.

         The QUESTION MENU is a drop-down menu that allows you to jump directly to a particular page of the quiz.


There are three different types of questions:

         MULTIPLE CHOICE (which is self explanatory)

         NUMERICAL (where you type in a number, might be a whole number, an exact fraction or decimal, if using decimals try to be within 1% of correct answer)

         FORMULA (you type in a mathematical expression, you will get used to the format required if you practice a lot)

Formatting formulas

Uppercase and lowercase letters mean different things in both mathematics and most computer input.
Be careful and pay attention to upper- and lower- case when typing in your answer.

The different types of brackets () [] {} can mean different things in both mathematics and most computer input. Be careful and pay attention when typing in your answer.

Here are some examples of formulas (the system is reasonably flexible)



t^3 + 5t^2 + sqrt(7)