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MATH1014 Introduction to Linear Algebra

General Information

MATH1014 is a Junior (or first-year) unit forming part of the Fundamental Mathematics stream.

  • Credit point value: 3CP.
  • Classes per week: Two lectures and one tutorial.
  • Lecturer(s) in 2017: Alexander Fish, Brad Roberts .
  • Email contact address:
    Students: please check if your question can be answered by referring to the FAQ page before emailing us. If you decide to email us please include your name and SID.

Students have the right to appeal any academic decision made by the School or Faculty. For further information, see the Science Faculty web site.

You may also view the description of MATH1014 in the University's course search database.

Information sheet for MATH1014

All students should read the information sheet. The information includes (for example) details of the assessment procedure, including dates of assessment tasks.

Answers to frequently asked questions

See the main junior mathematics page for information relating to all junior mathematics units, and see in particular the Junior Maths FAQ page.

Online Resources

The MATH1014 Exam

The MATH1014 exam will be held 13:50-15:30 on Thursday 23 November. This exam will contribute 65% towards your final assessment for MATH1014, or more in cases where the Better Mark Principle applies. As stated on the front page of the examination paper, you will be given 10 minutes reading time and 90 minutes writing time to complete the exam. The exam has 20 multiple choice questions and three extended answer questions.

For general information about exams, and the exam timetable, please see the University's examinations web page.

We are making the following past MATH1014 examination papers (extended answer section only) and short answers available to help you study:

The solutions for the 2015 exam will be discussed in lectures in Week 13. Solutions for examinations papers from other years will not be released. Students are encouraged to discuss questions from all other examination papers on the Ed Discussion forum.

Finally, good luck in the exam! We hope that you have enjoyed the semester.

Pre-exam consultation times

The lecturers will be available for pre-exam consultation at the following times:
Brad Roberts11am-1pm Wednesday 8 November Carslaw 829
Brad Roberts11am-1pm Thursday 9 November Carslaw 829
Brad Roberts10am-12pm Friday 10 November Carslaw 524
Brad Roberts2pm-4pm Friday 10 November Carslaw 524

Calculators in the examination

You will only be able to use your calculator in the examination if it has a sticker showing that it has been approved by the Examinations Office. For more details please see the "Approved calculators" section of the University's examinations web page.

Class Representatives

Bridget Fagan, Kirsten Laurendet, Jim Loomes, Heather Morrison, Mahnoor Mushtaq, Alexandra Oswald, Jack Rawlings, Miranda Tan and Toby Wong have volunteered to be your class representatives. They will meet shortly with the Head of School. We would like to know what you like about the unit and where things can be improved. If you have any issues you would like discussed, please email your representatives and let them know your views.

Consultation times

The lecturers will be available for consultation at the following times. You may attend any of these consultations.
Dr Alexander FishWeeks 1-2, 4-13Mondays 15:00-16:00 Carslaw 712
Dr Brad RobertsWeeks 1-4, 6-13Tuesdays 15:00-16:00 Carslaw 635
Resources Information Sheet Blackboard Lecture recordings Ed Discussion Frequently asked questions
Monday lecture Tuesday lecture Tutorials Revision Assessment
Week 1
Fish 1-1
Roberts 1-1
Fish 1-2
Roberts 1-2
Problem sheet 1 questions
Problem sheet 1 solutions

Web Quiz 1
Week 2
Fish 2-1
Roberts 2-1
Fish 2-2
Roberts 2-2
Problem sheet 2 questions
Problem sheet 2 solutions

Web Quiz 2 Assignment 1 - questions
Week 3
Roberts 3-1-10am
Roberts 3-1
Roberts 3-2-10am
Roberts 3-2
Problem sheet 3 questions
Problem sheet 3 solutions

Web Quiz 3 Assignment 1 - Due 5pm, 18 August
Quiz 1 - sample
Week 4
Fish 4-1
Roberts 4-1
Fish 4-2
Roberts 4-2
Problem sheet 4 questions
Problem sheet 4 solutions

Web Quiz 4 Quiz 1 - sample (solutions)
Week 5
Fish 5-1
Fish 5-1-11am
Fish 5-2
Fish 5-2-11am
Quiz 1 29-31 August
Problem sheet 5 questions
Problem sheet 5 solutions

Web Quiz 5 Assignment 1 - solutions
Quiz 1 29-31 August
Week 6
Fish 6-1
Roberts 6-1
Fish 6-2
Roberts 6-2
Problem sheet 6 questions
Problem sheet 6 solutions

Web Quiz 6
Week 7
Fish 7-1
Roberts 7-1
Fish 7-2
Roberts 7-2
Problem sheet 7 questions
Problem sheet 7 solutions

Web Quiz 7 Assignment 2 - questions
Week 8
Fish 8-1
Roberts 8-1
Fish 8-2
Roberts 8-2
Problem sheet 8 questions
Problem sheet 8 solutions

Web Quiz 8 Assignment 2 - Due 5pm, 22 September
Mid-semester break
Week 9
Labour Day Fish 9-2
Roberts 9-2
Problem sheet 9 questions
Problem sheet 9 solutions

Web Quiz 9 Quiz 2 - sample
Week 10
Fish 10-1
Roberts 10-1
Fish 10-2
Roberts 10-2
Problem sheet 10 questions
Problem sheet 10 solutions

Web Quiz 10 Assignment 2 - solutions
Quiz 2 - sample (solutions)
Week 11
Fish 11-1
Roberts 11-1
Fish 11-2
Roberts 11-2
Quiz 2 17-19 October
Problem sheet 11 questions
Problem sheet 11 solutions

Web Quiz 11 Quiz 2 17-19 October
Week 12
Fish 12-1
Roberts 12-1
Fish 12-2
Roberts 12-2
Problem sheet 12 questions
Problem sheet 12 solutions

Web Quiz 12
Week 13
Fish 13-1
Fish 13-1-11am
Fish 13-2
Fish 13-2-11am
Problem sheet 13 questions
Problem sheet 13 solutions
Check your marks

MATH1014 students: please check that your marks for Assignment 1, Quiz 1, Assignment 2 and Quiz 2 have been recorded correctly by pressing the "Check marks" button.

Please note that any corrections to Assignment 1 marks must be made by Friday, Sep 22.
Please note that any corrections to Quiz 1 marks must be made by Friday, Sep 22.
Please note that any corrections to Assignment 2 marks must be made by Friday, Oct 27.
Please note that any corrections to Quiz 2 marks must be made by Friday, Nov 10.

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