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MATH1111 Introduction to Calculus

General Information

MATH1111 is a Junior (or first-year) unit.

This unit of study is not open to students who have done HSC Mathematics, HSC Mathematics Extension 1 or HSC Mathematics Extension 2 (or equivalent).

  • Credit point value: 6CP.
  • Classes per week: Three lectures and two tutorials.
  • Lecturer(s) in 2017: David Easdown .
  • Email contact address:
    Students: please check if your question can be answered by referring to the FAQ page before emailing us. If you decide to email us please include your name and SID.

Students have the right to appeal any academic decision made by the School or Faculty. For further information, see the Science Faculty web site.

You may also view the description of MATH1111 in the University's course search database.

Information sheet for MATH1111

All students should read the information sheet. The information includes (for example) details of the assessment procedure, including dates of assessment tasks.

Answers to frequently asked questions

See the main junior mathematics page for information relating to all junior mathematics units, and see in particular the Junior Maths FAQ page.

Class representatives

Natalie Ang, Nicholas Bradbury and Sophia Stewart-Kasimba have volunteered to be your class representatives. They will meet shortly with the Head of School. We would like to know what you like about the unit and where things can be improved. If you have any issues you would like discussed, please email your representatives and let them know your views.

Online Resources

Links will be inserted progressively throughout the semester.

Lecturer Consultations for MATH1111

David Easdown will be available for consultation as follows:

  • 1:00-2:00 pm Wednesdays, up to and including 07 June, in Carslaw 619.

A list of pre-exam consultation sessions will be posted here closer to the time.


Mid-semester Test

The Mid-semester Test for MATH1111 will take place on Wednesday 03 May. The test lasts 40 minutes and may be taken either at 4:15 pm or 5:15 pm in Merewether Lecture Theatre 1.

Please wait outside the lecture theatre until called inside. You may bring a non-programmable calculator. No books, notes or other electronic devices are permitted.

For practice, click on the following links to see

If you are unable to attend on 03 May, or require special conditions, then you should email the lecturer as soon as possible explaining your circumstances.

Exercise Sheets and Solutions

Exercise sheets may be viewed and downloaded from the following links. Short solutions may be included. Longer solutions should be made available later in the week or early the following week. Worksheets will be distributed during Monday and Tuesday tutorials and form the basis for preparatory work and hands-on practice.


Click below for scans of (rough) notes by the lecturer. These should become available shortly after the dates listed.

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