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STAT3012 Applied Linear Models

General Information

This page contains information on the Senior mainstream Unit of Study STAT3012 Applied Linear Models.

  • Taught in Semester 1.
  • Credit point value: 6.
  • Classes per week: Three lectures and one tutorial.
  • Lecturer(s): Emi Tanaka and Thomas Porter .

Please refer to the Senior Mathematics and Statistics Handbook for all questions relating to Senior Mathematics and Statistics. In particular, see the STAT3012 handbook entry for further information relating to STAT3012.

You may also view the description of STAT3012 in the central units of study database.

Students have the right to appeal any academic decision made by the School or Faculty. For further information, see the Science Faculty web site.

Unit information

Note that all material for both STAT3912 and STAT3012 will appear on the course website.
Material specific to either group will be made clear.

Unit of study outline

- This includes details on your quizzes, reports, exam and syllabus.
- Update (06/03): Thomas' consultation hour has changed to 10am Wednesday in Carslaw 806
- Update (07/04): Emi's consultation hour has changed to 10-11am Wednesday in Carslaw 354

STAT3012 Lecture Notes

- The main set of notes. Lecture specific supplementary material will added throughout the course.
- Rough lecture-by-lecture overview

STAT3912 Lecture Notes

- Additional notes for STAT3912 students.

STAT3912 Exercises

- Exercises for STAT3912 students.

Ed discussion board

- Discussion board for the course. All non-personal emails should be directed here (anonymously if you desire).

Class representatives

- STAT3912: Denzel (dflo5667), Matthew (mcas9199)
- STAT3012: Elona (erey7634), Courtney (cpra9461)

This course in a nutshell


Day-to-day overview

Note: Links will become available as semester progresses

- Tutorial solutions are uploaded Monday evenings.
- Lab solutions (excluding reports) are uploaded Friday evenings.

Course resources



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