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MATH1005 at the Summer School

General Information

The unit of study MATH1005 Statistics will be offered at the Summer School. Further information will be posted here in due course.

Teaching material relating to MATH1005 will be made available from this page while the Summer School is in progress.

For the full list of Mathematics and Statistics Units offered in the Summer School see the Mathematics and Statistics Summer School page. Further information about Mathematics and Statistics Units at the University of Sydney see the main Mathematics and Statistics teaching page.

For general information about the Summer School see the Summer School web page.

Why Study Statistics?

Statistical Literacy is vitally important in a global rich world. It is essential for evidence based reasoning and so will prepare you for whatever discipline area you major in, whether education, psychology, engineering, medical research, business or public policy.

Summer Online Resources

Links to online resources including tutorials, assignments, and other information for this unit of study will be added here during the teaching session.

Information Sheet
- This includes details on your quizzes, reports, exam and syllabus.
Course Overview
- This includes a day-to-day overview and further assessment details.
Lecture Notes
- The main set of notes. Lecture specific supplementary material will added throughout the course.
Other information
- Lecturer email

Dates Course Topic Lecture Notes Lecture Resources Tutorial Labs Revision (Self Study) Assessment
Resources Full Lecture Notes Intro to Carslaw Labs
Intro to R Information Sheet Assessment Overview
10-11 Jan Data and Graphical Summaries Slides Graphs in R
Worksheet (solution)
12 Jan Numerical Summaries Slides Interactive: Worksheet (solution)
WebQuiz1 Note that these quizzes use an older convention of thresholds. Follow lecture notes: 1.5*IQR.
17-18 Jan Bivariate Data Slides Articles: Interactive: Worksheet (solution) WebQuiz2
19 Jan Probability, Random Variables, and Distributions Slides Videos: Interactive: Worksheet (solution) WebQuiz3 Report 1 (5%)
(.docx template)
24-25 Jan Discrete Random Variables Slides Interactive: Worksheet (solution) WebQuiz4 Quiz 1 (5%) in Wed class
Sample quiz questions (solution)
Access Quiz 1
26 Jan - No Class (Australia Day)
31 Jan - 1 Feb Continuous Random Variables Slides Interactive: Worksheet (solution) WebQuiz5
2 Feb Combinations of Random Variables Slides Video: Interactive: Worksheet (solution) WebQuiz6 Report 2 (10%) presentations in the tutorial
Useful R commands
(.docx written report template)
Exemplar - written report
Exemplar - presentation
7-8 Feb Hypothesis Testing Slides Worksheet (solution) WebQuiz7 Quiz 2 (5%) in Wed class
Sample quiz questions (solution)
9 Feb Tests for Proportion Slides Worksheet (solution) WebQuiz8
14-15 Feb Tests for Means Slides Worksheet (solution) WebQuiz9
16 Feb Tests for Goodness of Fit Slides Videos: Worksheet (solution) WebQuiz12 Report 3 (5%)
Physical activity article NEW (7/2/2017)
Male contraceptive article NEW (7/2/2017)
(.docx written report template) NEW (7/2/2017)
21-22 Feb Confidence Intervals Slides Worksheet (solution) Quiz 3 (5%) in Wed class
Sample quiz questions (solution)
Revision WebQuiz11
Ed Discussion Board Ed
Online Quizzes Link to Online Quizzes Check Results
Consultations Tuesday 4pm-5pm, Carslaw 806
Maths Learning Centre
Data DataRepository
R and R Studio SummaryRCommands DownloadR DownloadRStudio
Resources Stats Tables (Exam) Stats Tables (Full) Formulae Calculator
Exam Preparation 2013Q 2013s 2012Q 2012s 2011Q 2011s 2010Q 2010s MCQ MCQs
USS Survey USSSurvey NEW (15/2/2017)

MATH1005 Summer Timetable for 2017

All rooms are in the Carslaw building unless otherwise indicated. The first lecture takes place on Tuesday 10 January 2017 in Carslaw 273 at 5 pm.

2017 MATH1005
Summer Timetable
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10 am - 12 noon Computer Lab Tutorial Stream 1
705-706 (Wks 2-8)
Kevin Wang/Tom Porter/Louis Bhim
10 am - 12 noon Computer Lab Tutorial Stream 2
729-730 (Wks 2-8)
Sean Carnaffan/Sarah Romanes
3 pm - 5 pm Lecture
273 (Wks 2-3,5-7)
Tom Porter
5 pm - 7 pm Lecture
273 (Wks 2-8)
Tom Porter
Computer Lab Tutorial Stream 1
705-706 (Wks 2-3,5-7)
Kevin Wang/Tom Porter/Louis Bhim
5 pm - 7 pm Computer Lab Tutorial Stream 2
729-730 (Wks 2-3,5-7)
Sean Carnaffan/Sarah Romanes