Undergraduate Study

MATH1005 Statistics at the Winter School

General Information

The unit of study MATH1005 Statistics will be offered at the Winter School.

Teaching material relating to MATH1005 in the Winter School will be made available from this page while the Winter School is in progress.

To enrol, see the University's Summer and Winter Schools web page ( In particular, see the list of subjects available.

Who should do Winter School?

The Winter School is an excellent opportunity to finish a whole course in less than a month. It covers the same syllabus as the Semester Course but in a super intensive way. It suits students who are independent hard workers and can dedicate themselves to study over Winter. Students who struggle with Maths may find the pace too fast, and it not recommended for students who need to do a lot of part-time work over Winter.

Why Study Statistics?


The course consists of 11 teaching days. Because of the 'intense' nature of the course, all classes are compulsory and self study between each day is essential. Please read the Course Overview carefully.


3:00-5:00pm Lecture
ABS Case Study Lecture Theatre 2090
ABS Case Study Lecture Theatre 2090
ABS Case Study Lecture Theatre 2090
5:00-7:00pm Tutorial Labs
ABS Learning Studio 1090,2100
Tutorial Labs
ABS Learning Studio 1090,2100
Tutorial Labs
ABS Learning Studio 1090,2100

On 21/7 (the Friday of the third week) the lecture will be held in ABS Case Study Lecture Theatre 2080, and on 24/7 and 26/7 (Monday and Wednesday of the following week) they will be held in Carslaw 173.


Course Coordinator & Lecturer: Sean Carnaffan

Tutors: Haruki Osaka, Krishnasamy Muraleedaran, Mark Greenaway, Kate Farquharson.

Course Material

Lectures: Students need to read over lecture notes before each class. Recorded lectures are on Blackboard

Tutorial Labs: Students work at own pace and complete remaining questions at home. If you finish the questions, then you can work on your Report or the Revision questions. Please complete Intro to R Tute at home before Day 1. Download R (free) onto your home computer here . Download R Studio (free) onto your home computer here .

Assessments: Instructions for Quizzes and Reports; Info on StatsReports; Ideas for Report1 Summaries

Questions: Ed Discussion Board

Reference book: The following e-Text ($50) is not compulsory, but is helpful extra reading: Statistics E-Text.

Resources Calculator Tables Formulae Hospital.txt Mice.txt 2016Fatalities.csv Platinum.txt USyd.csv OLympics100m.csv Siblings.csv Heights.csv Seeing Statistics Articles for report 3: Article1 Article2 Quiz1 Sample Quiz1 Solutions Quiz2 Sample Quiz2 Solutions Quiz3 Sample Quiz3 Solutions
Pre Preparation (Self Study) Intro to R RCommands
1 Lectures Day1 Summary Topic1 Topic1s Topic2 Topic2s WebQuiz1 WebQuiz2
2 Day2 Summary Topic3 Topic3s WebQuiz3
3 Day3 Summary Topic4 Topic4s WebQuiz4
4 Day4 Summary Topic5 Topic5s WebQuiz5 Report 1 (10%)
5 NormalApp Topic6 Topic6s WebQuiz6 Quiz 1 (5%)
6 Day6 Summary Topic7 Topic7s WebQuiz7
7 Day7 Summary Topic8 Topic8s Topic9 Topic9s WebQuiz8 Report 2 (5%)
8 Day8 Summary Topic10 Topic10s WebQuiz9 WebQuiz10 Quiz 2 (5%)
9 Day9 Summary Topic11&12Egs Topic11 Topic11s WebQuiz12
10 Day10 Summary CIApp Topic12 Topic12s WebQuiz11 Report 3 (5%) and Quiz 3 (5%)
11 Summary Lecture
Exam Preparation (Self Study) Prep Cover Practise 2013paper 2013s 2013s 2012s 2011s 2010s MCQ MCQs


At designated test times, click here to start the quiz. Two days after the quiz you will be able to check your results.