General Session speakers and topics

Abstracts (in dvi or pdf form).

A. an Huef 5:00pm, 29/9/98 Integrable actions and transformation group C*-algebras with bounded trace
B. Ashton 5:30pm, 29/9/98 Functions of bounded variation and operator theory
B. Bleile
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3:30pm, 28/9/98 Some aspects of homotopy theory of modules
I. Bokor
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12:30pm, 29/9/98 A pushout construction for groups with operators
P. Broadbridge
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3:30pm, 28/9/98 Extending the use of Lie point symmetries for PDE
C. Coleman
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4:00pm, 28/9/98 The decomposition of groups of units of rings
R. Corran
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12:00 noon, 29/9/98 Solving the word problem and the conjugacy problem in the singular braid monoid
I. Doust
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4:30pm, 29/9/98 A surprise in the theory of well-bounded operators
R. Goel2:00pm, 1/10/98 Convolution of univalent and multivalent functions and its applications geometric function theory
L. Hardy12:30pm, 29/9/98 Towards a generalized Euler's constant
A. Iltyakov5:00pm, 1/10/98 A method of computing polynomial invariants of semisimple groups
A. Jaballah
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11:30am, 1/10/98 Finiteness bounds for the number of overrings of Prüfer domains
D. King
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4:00pm, 29/9/98 Maximum topological entropy of permutations and cycles
A. Majeed12:00 noon, 1/10/98 Generalised vector products and their applications
R. McDougall
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3:00pm, 28/9/98 A generalization of the lower radical class
B. McElwee2:30pm, 1/10/98 Locally ordered bisets and the Easdown-Hall representation
G. Myerson11:30am, 29/9/98 Constant line-sum matrices and the wrong permutation
D. Pask
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4:00pm, 30/9/98 Semigroup actions on directed graphs
W. Ramadan-Jradi4:00pm, 28/9/98 Some aspects of Carmichael's conjecture
Y. Rieck12:30pm, 1/10/98 Studying Heegaard stucture using Dehn filling techniques
A. Roberts
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3:00pm, 28/9/98 Similarity, attraction and initial conditions in an example of nonlinear diffusion
G. Schlüchtermann
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4:30pm, 30/9/98 On vector-valued versions of Grothendieck's theorem for p-summing operators
B. Sims
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3:00pm, 30/9/98 The Leray-Schauder alternative for nonexpansive maps of the ball characterize Hilbert space
P. Stacey
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12:30pm, 29/9/98 Toral automorphisms and antiautomorphisms of rotation C*-algebras
T. Stokes 3:00pm, 30/9/98 Equality structures
E. O. Tuck
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12:00 noon, 29/9/98 Inversion of a generalised Hilbert transform
T. Welsh
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3:00pm, 1/10/98 Combinatorics of representations of sln and a connection with Ariki-Koike algebras