PDE Special Session

Abstracts (in pdf or dvi form).

Maria Athanassenas
  (4:30pm, 1/10/98)
(Monash) "Behaviour of singularities of the volume-preserving mean curvature flow"
Joe Grotowski
  (4:30pm, 29/9/98)
(Humboldt University,
"Partial regularity for nonlinear elliptic systems"
Michael Grüter
  (2:30pm, 1/10/98)
(web page)
"Regularity results for parametric minimal surfaces and harmonic maps with a free boundary"
Andrew Hassell
  (5:30pm, 29/9/98)
(web page)
"The spectral projections and resolvent for the Laplacian on a class of complete Riemannian manifolds"
Bevan Thompson
  (3:00pm, 1/10/98)
(web page)
"Multiple solutions of semilinear elliptic equations"
Neil Trudinger
  (5:00pm, 1/10/98)
(ANU) "On the Bernstein problem for maximal affine hypersurfaces"
John Urbas
  (4:00pm, 29/9/98)
(ANU) "Self-similar solutions of Gauss curvature flows"
Sushen Yan
  (2:00pm, 1/10/98)
(Sydney) "Singularly perturbed elliptic problems in exterior domains"
Xiu-Jia Wang
  (5:00pm, 29/9/98)
(ANU) "On the design of a reflector antenna"
Kewei Zhang
  (4:00pm, 1/10/98)
(Macquarie) "On the quasiconvex hull"