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Journals Related to Differential Equations

General Comments

This page contains a selection of Mathematics Journals. It is split into a list of subscribed journals by the University of Sydney Library and a list of non-subscribed journals. Note that the subscription list may be changed at any time without notice.

There is also a list of all mathematics journals accessible electronically at the University of Sydney Library. (Long List!)

Recent Additions to MathSciNet

Check recent additions to MathSciNet (added in current month):


Reviews or Items entered this month. Document type: All Books Journals Proceedings

Check the 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification for the classification codes. (For instance 35J for elliptic equations.)

Elsevier (ScienceDirect)

There is a list of all Mathematics Journals on ScienceDirect.

You can also search journals on ScienceDirect

Springer/Birkhäuser/Kuwer (SpringerLink)

Here are links to all Mathematics Journals from Springer the University of Sydney subscribes to including:

Wiley Interscience

We have access to some Mathematics Journals from Wiley including

Mathematical Societies

Other Journals


Here links to archives providing back issues over several decades.

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List of Non-Subscribed Journals

Here are some journals not available from the University Library. You can still look at their table of contents and sometimes the abstracts (but not download full text articles). Click on the journal name to get a list of available issues.

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