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Student Self Test

Credits lion

The test is part of a Teaching Development Grant by the Faculty of Science. It was completed (on paper) by the MATH1901 class in 2004. Statistical analysis shows that together with ATAR it is a better predictor for success than ATAR alone. From 2005 the test is available online for students wishing to enrol in advanced mathematics units.

The system is partly based on MathQuiz by Andrew Mathas and Don Taylor.

It is created from a LaTeX file and converted to XML by using Eitan Gurari’s TeX4ht. The pages are generated by a cgi script from that XML file.

Project Coordination

Daniel Daners
Sandra Britton

Content Development

Daniel Daners
Sandra Britton

Statistical Analysis

Michael Stewart

TeX Support

Daniel Daners

Python Programming

Jesse Sweeney