Angela Pistoia

Universitá di Roma 1 (Italy)

On the existence of sign changing solutions for the Bahri-Coron problem

Let Ω be a bounded smooth domain in RN, N 3 and p = N+2 N-2. We are interested in existence and multiplicity of sign changing solutions to the slightly subcritical problem

(1)    - Δu  = |u|p-1- εu in Ω, u = 0 on ∂Ω,
and to the Bahri-Coron’s problem
(2)    - Δu = |u|p-1u in Ωε, u = 0 on ∂Ω ε,
when Ωε = Ω \B(0). In both cases ε is a small positive parameter. We prove that, problem (1) has at least N pairs of solutions which change sign exactly once. Moreover, the nodal surface of these solutions intersects the boundary of Ω, provided some suitable conditions are satisfied ([1]). When Ω is symmetric and contains the origin, we construct sign changing solutions to problems (1) ([3]) and (2) ([2]) with multiple blow up at the origin. These solutions have, as ε goes to zero, more and more annular-shaped nodal domains.
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  2. M. Musso, A. Pistoia, Sign changing solutions to Bahri-Coron’s problem in pierced domains, (preprint).
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