Thursday 20 July

Time Speaker Title

7:45-8:30am Breakfast (Mary White College)

9-9:45am N. Trudinger Recent developments in elliptic partial differential equations of
Monge-Ampere type

9:45-10:30am K. Zhang The Existence of Perona-Malik Equation

10:30-11am Tea Break (Tea and Coffee in Common Room)

11-11:45am G. Schmalz CR-Manifolds, Differential Equations and Multicontact Structures

11:45-12:30pmH.J. Kuo On the Fully Nonlinear Elliptic Difference Equations

12:30-2pm Lunch (Mary White College)

2-2:45pm X.J. Wang Fully Nonlinear PDEs and Applications in Geometry

2:45-3:30pm J. McCoy Bernstein Property for a class of Monge Ampere Equations

3:30-4pm Tea Break (Common Room)

4-4:45pm N. ChaudhuriOn Improved Hardy-Sobolev Inequality and Its Applications
to PDEs with Singular Potentials

4:45-5:15pm J. JanczewskaStable and unstable bifurcation in the von Karman problem
for a circular plate

5:15-5:45pm T. Weston Analysis of Group Structures Induced By Uniform Homeomorphisms

6:30-8:30pm Conference Dinner (Mary White College)