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Aims and Learning Outcomes of

First Year First Semester Mathematics Units:

Math1001 Differential Calculus and Math1002 Linear Algebra


  • Normal units of mathematics in first semester build on the broad foundations of calculus and precalculus learnt at school, integrating them with new and novel concepts in linear algebra
  • Calculus and linear algebra are two cornerstones of mathematics, and over the course of one semester students start to see these subjects intertwine to form the backbone of almost all applications of mathematics to physical and biological sciences and engineering
  • Students gain an appreciation of the power and beauty of mathematics which evolved over 2,000 years yet is indispensable to our modern way of life

Learning outcomes: by the end of semester students should

  • be able to apply mathematical logic and rigour to solving problems
  • be able to express mathematical ideas coherently in written and oral form
  • demonstrate fluency in manipulating complex numbers, functions of one or two variables, limits, differentiability and polynomial approximations
  • demonstrate fluency in vector and matrix arithmetic, and their applications to solving systems of equations

(in the opinion of) David Easdown
March 2007