Diana Combe

School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Sydney.

Research Interests:

My current research interests are in finite group representations and in combinatorics.
I am particularly interested in primitive permutation representations of almost simple
groups which are multiplicity-free and have only one or two real irreducible constituents.
This interest grew out of my consideration of directed graphs and their automorphism
groups. I am also interested in group designs, in particular Generalised Bhaskar Rao
Designs and Generalised Hadamard Matrices in various dimensions.
I am a member of the Algebra research group.

My PhD was awarded in 1999 and my supervisor was Associate Professor Don Taylor.
My thesis was entitled "Distance-Transitive Directed Graphs and Multiplicity-Free
Primitive Permutation Representations with almost no Real Irreducible Constituents. "

Recent Papers:

D. Combe and D. E. Taylor, Two Results Concerning Distance-Regular Directed Graphs (1999)


I have taught a variety of undergraduate mathematics and statistics courses. I have also
developed several courses in mathematics for the general community and presented them
through the Centre for Continuing Education at The University of Sydney.

In 1999 I lectured at The University of Sydney in the Sydney Summer School
and in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

In January/February 1999 I taught in the Sydney Summer School, where I presented the
2nd year Graph Theory Unit of Study, MATH2009.

In the School of Maths and Stats in First Semester 1999 I lectured the General Statistical Methods
Unit of Study STAT1021 and the Life Sciences Statistics Unit of Study, MATH1015.
I also tutored 2nd year Data Analysis in the Splus based computer sessions. In Second Semester
I lectured Life Sciences Difference and Differential Equations, MATH1013, and
Life Sciences Algebra, MATH1012.

In January/February 2000, in the Sydney Summer School, I
taught the Life Sciences/Normal Statistics Unit MATH1015/1005.


Dr D. Combe
School of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Email: dianac@maths.usyd.edu.au

Last major change: 23 November, 1999.

Diana Combe