Maths University Preparation Course - Course Summary from Weeks 1 to 14

Reference for Weeks 1-6 Barnett Rich "Elementary Algebra" 2nd Edition (Schaum Series)
Textbook (weeks 7 onwards) Elliott Mendelson "Beginning Calculus" 3rd Edition (Schaum Series)

Week 1: (9th September)
Basic Algebra ... Operations on Numbers

Week 2: (16th September)
Basic Algebra ...Operations with Approximate Numbers..
Algebraic Expressions

Week 3: (23th September)
Basic Algebraic Operations.....

Week 4: (30th September)
Factors and Fractions.....

Week 5: (7th October)
Quadratic Equations......

Week 6: (14th October)
Functions and Graphs ... "Beginning Calculus" Chapters 3 and 4

Week 7: (21st October)
Functions and Graphs ... "Beginning Calculus" Chapters 5 and 7

Week 8: (28 October)
Trigonometry ... "Beginning Calculus" Chapter 25

Week 9: (4th November)
Trigonometry ...

Week 10: (11th November)
More Trigonometry... "Beginning Calculus" Chapters 26-28

Week 11: (18th November)
Indices and Surds.....

Week 12: (25th November)
Solution of inequations

Week 13:(2nd December)
Coordinate Geometry Slope, Midpoint and Distance formulas
Assignment #1 due
"Beginning Calculus" Chapters 1 and 2

Week 14:(9th December)
Introduction to Calculus