Robert C. Haraway, III

I am a postdoctoral research associate in Mathematics at the University of Sydney working with Stephan Tillmann on convex projective structures on surfaces after Fock and Goncharov.

I am interested in academic positions beginning after July 2017. Here is a rough CV.

My email address is

My office doesn't have a phone.

My office address is

        Robert Haraway
Carslaw Bldg F07
Sydney University, NSW 2006

If you want my undivided attention, my office is Carslaw 827.


Here is my most recent preprint: Tessellating the moduli space of convex projective structures on the once-punctured torus

The code associated with this and other papers is at my GitHub repository.

I have been working with Tom Crawford, Dave Gabai, Rob Meyerhoff, Nate Thurston, and Andrew Yarmola on enumerating cusped hyperbolic 3-manifolds of low cusp area.

I have just started working with Neil Hoffman and Maria Trnkova on an algorithm to tell whether or not one hyperbolic 3-manifold is a Dehn filling of another.

I have worked often with the program SnapPy. So I wrote the following explanation for why I use it. It's based on a talk I have given at our grad student seminar.

Why I Like SnapPy and Why You Should Too

I gave a successful talk on the Chern-Gauss-Bonnet theorem at our graduate student seminar here. I have typed up notes for the talk here.


I have always loved explaining math to anyone within earshot. Instead of discussing math, I tend to proclaim it loudly, a habit that is a nuisance in quiet dining establishments but effective in a classroom.

Here are some clarifying notes on fluid flow I typed up in spring 2011 for my section (and for myself):

Notes on flow rate.
Here are some notes on convergence of improper integrals.
Some tips on the comparison test.

As a graduate student I attempted to develop a stripped-down rigorous approach to integral calculus based on the measure theory of the plane. The experience showed me what difficulty students can have with even the most well-digested formality.

At the time I was enamored of the writings of Dijkstra and van Gasteren on aesthetics and methodology in mathematical practice. I still have their writings as my standard, and would like to see a pedagogically effective calculus text along these lines, if not write one myself.

Other Endeavors

I was an active member of the laity here.

I can play the guitar.

Like the world of a science-fiction story, a system of beliefs need not be highly credible---it may be as wild as you like, so long as it is not self-contradictory---and it should lead to some interesting difficulties, some of which should, in the end, be resolved.

Carl E. Linderholm, Mathematics made difficult