James East

I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney during 2008-2010. I am still an honorary associate in the School.

I began a position as lecturer in Pure Mathematics at Western Sydney University in 2011. Here is my personal page there -- it will hopefully be updated some time soon.

Current postal address: Dr James East
School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
Western Sydney University
Locked Bag 1797, Penrith NSW 2751
Office: Building EN, Room 1.33, Parramatta campus
Email: J.East@WesternSydney.edu.au
Phone: +61 2 9685 9108
Department Fax: +61 2 9685 9557


Here are the last few courses I taught at the University of Sydney:


I am a member of the Algebra Research Group. My main interest is in (algebraic and combinatorial) semigroup theory. The kinds of semigroups and monoids I am particularly interested in are all somehow related to:

My PhD thesis, supervised by David Easdown and entitled ``On Monoids Related to Braid Groups and Transformation Semigroups'', may be found here.


My arXiv and ResearchGate pages have most papers (arXiv goes back to about 2011).

In print

  1. Congruence lattices of finite diagram monoids.
  2. Transformation representations of sandwich semigroups.
  3. Presentations for rook partition monoids and algebras and their singular ideals.
  4. Sandwich semigroups in locally small categories I: Foundations.
  5. Sandwich semigroups in locally small categories II: Transformations.
  6. Computing finite semigroups.
  7. Presentations for (singular) partition monoids: a new approach.
  8. Twisted Brauer monoids.
  9. Semigroups of rectangular matrices under a sandwich operation.
  10. Maximal subsemigroups of finite transformation and diagram monoids.
  11. Ranks of ideals in inverse semigroups of difunctional binary relations.
  12. The idempotent-generated subsemigroup of the Kauffman monoid.
  13. Enumerating transformation semigroups.
  14. Infinite dual symmetric inverse monoids.
  15. Diagram monoids and Graham-Houghton graphs: idempotents and generating sets of ideals.
  16. Motzkin monoids and partial Brauer monoids.
  17. On groups generated by involutions of a semigroup.
  18. Idempotent generation in the endomorphism monoid of a uniform partition.
  19. Idempotent rank in the endomorphism monoid of a non-uniform partition.
  20. Enumeration of idempotents in diagram semigroups and algebras.
  21. Maximal subsemigroups of the semigroup of all mappings on an infinite set.
  22. Variants of finite full transformation semigroups.
  23. A symmetrical presentation for the singular part of the symmetric inverse monoid.
  24. Singular braids and partial permutations.
  25. Partition monoids and embeddings in regular *-semigroups.
  26. Infinite partition monoids.
  27. Defining relations for idempotent generators in finite partial transformation semigroups.
  28. Infinity minus infinity.
  29. Defining relations for idempotent generators in finite full transformation semigroups.
  30. The semigroup generated by the idempotents of a partition monoid.
  31. Generation of infinite factorizable inverse monoids.
  32. Generators and relations for partition monoids and algebras.
  33. On the work performed by a transformation semigroup.
  34. On the singular part of the partition monoid.
  35. Braids and order-preserving partial permutations.
  36. A presentation of the singular part of the full transformation semigroup.
  37. Presentations for singular subsemigroups of the partial transformation semigroup.
  38. Embeddings in coset monoids.
  39. On a class of factorizable inverse monoids associated with braid groups.
  40. A presentation of the dual symmetric inverse monoid.
  41. Vines and partial transformations.
  42. Braids and partial permutations.
  43. The factorizable braid monoid.
  44. Factorizable inverse monoids of cosets of subgroups of a group.
  45. A presentation of the singular part of the symmetric inverse monoid.
  46. Birman's conjecture is true for I2(p).
  47. Cellular algebras and inverse semigroups.
  48. Presentations of factorizable inverse monoids.
  49. Braids and factorizable inverse monoids.


  1. Idempotents and one-sided units in infinite partial Brauer monoids.
  2. Integer polygons of given perimeter.
  3. On transformation semigroups based on digraphs.
  4. Presentations for singular wreath products.
  5. Constructing Embeddings and Isomorphisms of Finite Abstract Semigroups.
  6. Idempotent statistics of the Motzkin and Jones monoids.
  7. Finite diagram semigroups: expanding the computational horizon.
  8. Congruences of infinite partition and partial Brauer monoids
  9. Can God count to infinity?
  10. Methuselah's diary: a response to Ben Waters on the finitude of the past.
  11. Diagram categories and sandwich semigroups.
  12. Maximal subsemigroups of the symmetric inverse monoid.
  13. Maximal subsemigroups of the dual symmetric inverse monoid.
  14. Dual reflection monoids.
  15. Cellularity of inverse semigroup algebras.
  16. Coset monoids and embeddings.

Conference Talks and Seminars (very out-of-date)

Algebra Seminar

I was the organizer of the Sydney University Algebra Seminar in 2009--2010. For information about upcoming talks, or to be added to the mailing list, please visit the website.