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I am a core member of the Bioconductor project.

Here are some other R packages that I co-author.





              Statistics for Microarray Analysis (sma).

              Spot - an image analysis package.

Notes: for more information about analysis and software please see the UCSF Functional Genomics Core Facilities Analysis site.

Here is some software I use:

bulletR , also known as "GNU S", is  a freely available system for statistical computation and graphics. 
bullet Z-Image , an image analysis system developed by the image analysis group at CSIRO, Australia. SZ-Image provides the image analysis functionality of Z-Image within the data analysis environment of S-Plus.
bulletMatlab, an easy-to-use computing and visualization environment, which integrates numerical analysis, matrix computation, signal processing, and graphics.
bulletS-Plus , a language for data visualization and exploration, statistical modeling and programming.