Student Algebra Seminar 2019

The Student Algebra Seminar is running in Semester 2 of 2019, and provides an opportunity for postgraduate and honours students to come together once a week and share knowledge about aspects of algebra and representation theory. We meet on Monday afternoons at 3pm, in Carslaw 830, for afternoon tea and a talk, which should last 50-80 minutes. The seminar is organised by Joel Gibson.

About the seminar

Most talks this semester will be on the topic of Khovanov homology, primarily following the exposition On Khovanov's categorification of the Jones polynomial by Dror Bar-Natan. The topic will be in the usual style of the student algebra seminar: approachable, self-contained, and not requiring much more than honours-level knowledge to understand. Each lecture will be around 60 minutes long.


Mikhail Khovanov's original two papers on categorifying the Jones polynomial:

Two expositions on Khovanov's work:

Further reading: