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From the airport, a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to reach your hotel or the conference room is by taxi.

By train is not much cheaper; but if you arrive during a rush hour and intend to go straight to the conference room, it might be faster.

For more information on public transport, see and the Transport Infoline website.


The conference venue is the ABS Seminar Room 3003 ( Abercrombie Building H70 Abercrombie Building) at the University of Sydney, close to the intersection of Abercrombie St and Codrington St. See Details for a complete description of the meeting room.
Public Transport:
The Centre is walking distance from the School of Mathematics and Statistics.


September is the beginning of spring in Sydney. Days will in general be sunny but possible cool, it might rain as well. For a more precise information look at one of the specialised sites weather forcast.
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