Les Farnell - Mathematics Concerts

I play various musical instruments. More about this can be found on my private web-site.

Since 1993, people from my department have occasionally got together to perform concerts. For a while some of us performed ragtime and similar. I don't remember the exact details, but it all happened 1993-1995, David Edelman played piano, Bill Gibson played violin, I played tuba and sometimes Malcolm Quine played clarinet. The pieces performed included (at least):
Composer Piece
Scott Joplin Elite syncopations
Walter Donaldson Love me or leave me
Scott Joplin The strenuous life

In 1993 I misguidedly sang in the choir, but the less said about that the better. After that I concentrated on solo pieces:
Year Instrument Composer Piece Accompanied by
1994 Trombone Rimsky-Korsakov Concerto, 1st movement David Easdown
1995 Trombone Jacob Concerto, 1st movement David Easdown
1996 Guitar1 Carcassi Two caprices --
1997 Trombone Gounod Lend me your aid2 --
1997 Trombone Jacob Concerto, 3rd movement David Easdown
1997 Trombone Arnold Fantasy --
1997 Trombone Hidas Fantasy --
1998 Tuba Holst Second suite in F3 Tim Svenson, David Easdown
1998 Trombone Serocki Sonatina David Easdown
1998 Trombone Wagenseil Concerto, 1st movement David Easdown, Bill Gibson
1999 Trombone Jacob Concerto, 2nd movement David Easdown
1999 Trombone Teasdale The jockey4 Alastair Nelson
2000 Tuba Mozart Queen of the Night's aria4 (tape)
2000 Tuba Arnold Fantasy --
2003 Trombone Wagenseil Concerto, 2nd movement Humphrey Gastineau-Hills, Bill Gibson, Tim Svenson
2004 Trombone Gabrieli Ricercare --
2005 Trombone Grondahl Concerto, 1st movement David Gruenwald
2008 Trombone Rimsky-Korsakov Concerto5 Humphrey Gastineau-Hills
2009 Euphonium Telemann Fantasia --

[1] A bad move. I don't practice the guitar enough.

[2] This was intended as a warm-up, so I didn't bother with an accompanist. Didn't work though - I still fluffed the high F in the cadenza of the concerto.

[3] Only the last 20 or so bars. Tim stopped me in the corridor one day, and asked if I knew of any music for flute and tuba. This was the best I could come up with. David contributed the rest of the band via the piano.

[4] Why do the novelty pieces go over better with the audience than the serious stuff?

[5] Yes I know I did the first movement before. We felt it would be musically better to do the whole thing rather than just the second and third movements.

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